Make-up no make-up – how to do this make-up?
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Make-up no make-up – how to do this make-up?

Just a few cosmetics and literally a few minutes are enough to even out the skin tone and delicately emphasize the assets of our beauty. Any of us can do it. Here is a step-by-step guide to make-up no make-up!

Make-up no make-up – what does it actually mean?

Make-up no make-up is simply invisible, subtle make-up, which evens out the skin tone and brightens up the complexion so that the whole face looks fresh and relaxed. We therefore hide any imperfections and emphasize our strengths, following the principle of “less is more” – When it comes to the quantity of cosmetics applied as well as their finishing touches and colors. The latter should be neutral.

Make-up no make-up is the perfect solution for those of us who can’t or don’t want to spend a lot of time in front of the mirror, but also for all those who avoid strong make-up every day.

It is worth paying attention to the quality of cosmetics used. They should be proven, durable and adjusted to our skin type and complexion. Thanks to this we will enjoy a beautiful look all day long.

Step 1 – skin preparation

Every makeup application does not start with applying color cosmetics but with thorough cleansing and toning of the skin and application of a cream, preferably a moisturizing one. It should not be too greasy, because on such a makeup can roll or easily run off.

Step 2 – evening out the skin tone

The basis of make-up no make-up is an even skin tone. The best choice are natural mineral foundations (which take longer to apply) or light, illuminating or mattifying fluids. We can also bet on BB or CC creams. A sponge will be perfect for their application, thanks to which the product will beautifully blend into the skin without any streaks or patches. You can also apply the product with your fingers, thanks to which you will be able to control the amount of cosmetics applied

Step 3 – Masking imperfections

It is often the case that we still have some imperfections – pimples, discolourations or scars. Additionally, many of us struggle with dark circles under the eyes and fine veins. There is no point in applying a heavy, opaque foundation (especially since you should never apply it under the eyes). It is enough to even out the skin tone, apply a spot concealer on problem areas and even everything out with a transparent powder, especially the T-zone, which tends to get oily.

Step 4 – emphasize eyebrows

Eyebrows are the frame of our eyes. When properly emphasized they give character to the face. However, we must be careful not to draw them too strongly, unnaturally or use a product of too dark or completely mismatched color.

For less skilled hands only a pencil or a shadow and a colorless brow gel will do. If you have more time and experience you can try, for example, a pomade for which you need a thin brush. But remember to comb out any excess and keep the look subtle.

A great option is to do the henna yourself at home or with a beautician. Then you don’t have to do anything in the morning, just tame your hair with a gel and you’re done.

Step 5 – delicate eye make-up

Time for the eyes. Here we can bet only on emphasizing the lashes – first with an eyelash curler and then with mascara. A more subtle effect can be achieved with brown mascara. If we want to use eye shadows, they should be in neutral colors. In place of eyeliner, a line drawn with a soft brown crayon and lightly smudged will work well.

Depending on your preferences or lack of time, you may skip the eye make-up altogether.

Step 6 – blush on cheeks

It is worth to emphasize cheekbones with blush in the shade of warm peach or other, which will match skin tone. It can have a matte or slightly shiny finish. Apply the blush gently, blurring the lines carefully.

Step 7 – nude lips

The last step is the lips. Here you can leave them completely sauté or accentuate them gently with a colourless gloss, a moisturising lipstick, an oil or a nude lipstick. These will leave a natural shine, making your lips look soft and well-groomed.


Main Photo: Rosdiana Ciaravolo/ Getty Images Entertainment/ Getty Images

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