How can you get rid of acne scars?
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How can you get rid of acne scars?

Pimples that appear in adolescence or adulthood can leave behind scars. Sometimes they are the result of our actions – squeezing – and sometimes we have a genetic tendency to do so. However, how to reduce the visibility of acne scars? That’s what you’ll find out in the article below. Check it out!

Where do acne scars come from?

To begin with, before we even get into ways to level the visibility of acne scars, it’s worth briefly explaining how they form. Acne scars – as the name suggests – are the remnants of acne, when the dermis is damaged and then replaced by fibrous connective tissue. This usually occurs after scratching pimples or squeezing them out.

Scars are light brown or pink spots, but also bumps, depressions or raised nodules. In many cases, we can deal with them on our own – as we write below – while in the case of large lesions it is worth consulting a dermatologist. He will then select the best method of treatment.

How to get rid of acne scars?

Acne scars can be fought in many fields. We decided to divide everything into three categories: the use of cosmetics, home remedies and professional treatments. As always, we remind you that the most important thing is regularity and regularity.

Cosmetics with specific active substances

First we reach for cosmetics – gels, creams, ointments, masks, serums – with:

  • retinoids, 
  • mother of pearl, 
  • benzoyl peroxide, 
  • heparin, 
  • salicylic acid, 
  • glycolic, 
  • azelaic, 
  • hyaluronic, 
  • allantoin, 
  • chamomile, 
  • onion extract, 
  • collagen,
  • vitamin C. 

We also recommend silicone gels to soften scars, reduce their redness and protect the skin from moisture loss.

Home remedies

Self-prepared masks can really work great. So mix honey and lemon juice, or avocado and lime juice, or cinnamon, olive oil and the aforementioned lemon juice. Lubricating problem areas with aloe vera gel, or possibly aloe vera juice, is also surprisingly good. Don’t forget about tonics – lemon or cucumber is enough for washing. It’s still worth eating almonds, green beans and vegetable oils, which promote faster recovery.

Professional treatments

Aesthetic treatments are the strongest weapons in the fight against acne scars. They can handle even deep lesions. Among others, we are talking about chemical peels, which damage the skin in a controlled manner, remove dead skin and improve the condition of the skin. Peels can be, for example, with mandelic, lactic, lactobionic or salicylic acid. Another treatment – mild even for sensitive skin – is microdermabrasion, where a device with a diamond or alumina disc is used to remove the epidermis. More powerful, on the other hand, is dermabrasion, where not only the superficial layer, but also the upper layers of the dermis and the papillary layer are abraded. The effects are very visible, but beforehand, even several weeks of convalescence are needed. 

Finally, it is still impossible not to mention laser removal of acne scars. This is a very quick way to get rid of any residual pimples. Typically, laser therapy should be performed in a series of several treatments.

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