How to match underwear to the occasion? We suggest!
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How to match underwear to the occasion? We suggest!

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Planning an outfit for an occasion should start with lingerie. It is crucial for further styling. It also directly affects how you feel on a given day, at a given moment. It must not make you uncomfortable or cause pain. So, how to choose underwear for different occasions? What elements to pay attention to?

Generally about underwear – the most important features

Underwear should be both aesthetically pleasing and comfortable. These are the two main things to consider when shopping. As already mentioned, underwear accompanies us at every step. It is with us during the most important events in life and certainly should not make us feel bad or uncomfortable at such moments. Therefore, when you choose your favourite model, cut or color, measure the product, so that it does not turn out that it is too tight or does not lie on you well.

Underwear for different occasions

One of the most important days in everyone’s life is the wedding and reception. You are standing on your head to make this day really special and you certainly do not want your celebration to be spoiled by lingerie. On this day it is especially important to put on things that are very comfortable, will not hinder your movements and will allow you to enjoy this wonderful moment. To find the right wedding lingerie, you first need to think about what kind of dress you have, what aspects you care about the most. Nowadays, you can find many products that will meet even your highest expectations. In many stores, you can find wedding lingerie in skin tone, so that with an uncovered back, it will not be conspicuous. A good choice is also shaping lingerie, thanks to which you can emphasize your feminine curves and impress everyone with your impeccable figure. If your dress has a plunging neckline, you may opt for a V-shaped bra.

Underwear for work

You spend several hours a day at work, so you should also make sure that you feel comfortable at work. There is nothing worse than spending 8 hours in a bra that is too tight or panties that are too tight. Here are some ideas for underwear for work. Certainly high-waisted panties are an interesting option. You will feel good in them, and they will emphasize your curves and hide possible imperfections. Remember that underwear for work should also be in subdued shades. Forget about a colorful bra. Red, yellow or bright green is not a good choice. Instead, choose pastel colors. Beige, white or a plain black set are classic colors for work underwear. They will go with any outfit and you won’t have to worry about them showing through your clothes

Lingerie for the bedroom – bodystocking and more

Now this is a 180 degree turnaround. Forget about what your wedding or work lingerie should be and let your imagination run wild. The proposals from will help you to do so. There are no rules in the bedroom. Every choice is good. You can opt for a classic set of lace bra and panties from You can also go a step further and wear a bodysuit. Another interesting proposal is the bodystocking. This type of erotic lingerie will certainly stimulate your man’s senses and make him bewildered by your charms. In the bedroom, you are only limited by your imagination. You can find more inspiration and ideas, as well as the mentioned bodystocking at

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