How to wear maxi dresses? 3 stylish tips from our editors
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How to wear maxi dresses? 3 stylish tips from our editors

They used to be synonymous with luxury and elegance – today they work well in both daytime and evening styling. Dresses blowing in the wind add lightness, and during a lavish evening out they will make you feel like a star on the red carpet

For whom?

The answer is simple – for everyone. The key is only to choose the right cut. Women with an apple figure should choose models cut below the bust, which conceal curves and wide hips. However, if you are the owner of a pear figure, choose a cut that emphasizes the waist. For a better effect you may use a belt. Try to choose dresses made of airy material

The maxi dress may also be worn by short women, provided they choose shoes with heels or platforms. Such a solution will slim and slenderize the silhouette quickly. Vertical stripes will also add a few centimeters of height. Plump women should choose dresses that highlight the bust and emphasize the waist. Shallow necklines may disrupt the proportions of such a figure, and bright patterns add unnecessary kilograms.

On a hot summer day

A maxi dress can be a perfect solution for hot days. Made of airy material will make us not too hot in it. Pair it with a big straw hat, a basket bag and flip flops for a perfect beach look.

The striped dress will create a trendy sailor look. The floral fabric provides a girly and charming look. If you want to add character and fierceness to your outfit, opt for a maxi with an animal print. Camouflage or leopard spots will make you feel more confident and attract attention.

The maxi dress is the perfect outfit for boho and hippie style lovers. Add a flower garland or fringed accessories, such as jewelry or a bag, and you have a festival look that stands out from the crowd.

For special occasions

A satin maxi dress with a shimmering fabric is ideal for an evening out. A performance at the opera, a gala or a corporate event cannot go without a long dress with a classic cut. Red color makes you look elegant, and if you choose a bare back or a slit up to the thigh, you emphasize your femininity. Some models of dresses have attached lace, which coquettishly reveals the body. You may accessorize with high stilettos, a small, elegant clutch bag, and shiny jewelry. You may also decide to throw on a delicate scarf.

If you are going to a wedding or a New Year’s Eve or carnival party, go for a Spanish style maxi dress. Accentuate your bare shoulders with a chignon and large earrings to make your neck look slimmer. You can also try corset styles that accentuate your waist

However, make sure that the dress does not restrict your movements. The most important thing is comfort and freedom of movement while dancing. That’s why flared dresses are perfect, as they’ll make you feel more comfortable. Opt for colors such as sapphire, cobalt or burgundy, which add class and elegance to your outfit. White looks beautiful in artificial light but may not be as practical.


You can wear a maxi dress practically 365 days a year. Models in soft fabrics allow you to maintain freedom of movement and beautifully emphasize your figure. When choosing the perfect everyday dress, aim for muted colors, such as grey, navy blue or beige

A pencil maxi will make a perfect base for your outfit. You may complement it with a jacket, blazer or oversized denim katana. A large, baggy shopper and sunglasses will complete the urban look. For daytime outfits match it with comfortable sneakers or sneakers. On colder days a maxi dress made of thicker material and with long sleeves will be perfect

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