Clogs are a hit this spring. How to wear them without looking ridiculous or out of style?

Clogs are a hit this spring. How to wear them without looking ridiculous or out of style?

Clogs are often associated with shoes worn by medical staff. It turns out that this kind of shoes has a huge fashion potential which should be used in your spring outfits. They look great with wide-legged pants or a fitted skirt. Despite appearances, clogs are very comfortable shoes, which are perfect for a walk or a date. It is worth having them in your closet in spring, because they will be a real hit of the coming season!

Many people see the fashion for clogs as a reference to nature, idyllic countryside climate and the joy of gardening. The yearning for such styles, which express freedom and attachment to tradition, is caused by a year-long pandemic. Clogs are excellent shoes for strolling along dirt roads, but they will look equally good on the feet of a city girl. One thing is for sure, this type of footwear will stay with us for longer. Stylists say that in the autumn we will wear clogs with warm socks and tights creating unusual outfits

Clogs already had their ‘time’ at the turn of the 60s and 70s, when many people felt the need to turn back to nature. This is how the hippie pop culture was created, the members of which dressed in a quite characteristic way. Natural fabrics, flower garlands in their hair, and clothes with ethnic patterns were the hallmarks of hippies – they could often be seen wearing loose dresses, bell-bottoms, and clogs. In later years, clogs stopped delighting us and were often associated as footwear for hospital work or as part of folk costumes. However, now clogs are back to trends. To what styles will they fit best?

Spring 2021 footwear hit – clogs

Clogs came back to fashion in a very good style. At first they could be seen in the stylings of more alternative fashion bloggers, and last summer they started to appear at fashion shows. You could see clogs at the presentation of Anna Sui’s collection and in Zara lookbooks. The presence of clogs in chain stores, shows that this season will undoubtedly be the footwear often appearing on the Polish streets. Also, very exclusive brands such as Hermés are releasing their line of clogs, which proves that this trend will be a real hit

What kind of clogs will be fashionable?

The offer of clogs, as heralded by fashion campaigns and shows, will be very wide. First of all, there will be various colors available; from classic black and white to more saturated ones, such as red, and neutral ones, such as beige. The hit will be clogs with prints or covered with patches resembling cow hair. There will be clogs on classic platforms and stilts. Clogs with soft lining, fur or colorful down are an absolute hit. If you are afraid that this type of footwear will fall off your feet, you can find a model with a strap worn behind the heel.

What styles go well with clogs?

Clogs go with practically everything. This season we’ll wear them with flared jeans, long patterned dresses or shorts. A great idea is to combine them with less obvious combinations, such as a woman’s suit or a midi skirt. They’re great as part of a total look, so it’s worth betting on the color of clogs compatible with clothes that dominate your closet. The return of clogs is a great opportunity to be inspired by the fashion of the 70s and return to styling in retro or vintage style. Bell-bottoms, fringed vests and boho dresses are great choices

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