How to match the color of the handbag with the styling?
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How to match the color of the handbag with the styling?

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Choosing a handbag for a styling is often a big problem. The choice of such elements in stores is growing, which makes the matter more difficult. We present advice that will be useful in such a dilemma

Combination of classic colors

Always a safe choice will be a combination of classic and neutral colors. For example, these are blacks, whites, beiges and browns. Such shades work perfectly together and it is difficult to make any major mistake in this case. Together they create a harmonious, timeless duet. Such colors can be combined, for example, when going to an important meeting. For example, a brown handbag will be suitable for minimalist and business stylizations. It is a good complement to clothes of earthy color, such as cream

A black handbag is considered to be a versatile closet item. First of all, it goes well with dark total looks. It will also go well with beige trainers or classic jeans. There are leather shopper bags in this color. They also look fantastic in beige and navy blue. This type is perfect for everyday use. It is appreciated especially by fans of comfort and minimalism. Beige handbags perfectly harmonize with white and pastel shades. They suit for example evening outings

Other selection criteria

For stylizations kept in subdued colors, many people recommend matching accessories in stronger colors. Choosing a handbag in an intense color for slightly less distinctive elements will also avoid overdoing it. Then you have a lot of freedom. For this reason, you can experiment. Some say that you can match the color of the handbag, following the color wheel. In this case, it is advisable to juxtapose adjacent and opposite shades. Remember, that a handbag in the same tone as clothes, often does not look good. It is not a rule, but try to avoid combining very strong colors. An interesting solution is to match the bag with one of the elements of styling. For example, it can be a small accent, for example a shade from a pattern on your clothes. It will be a delicate reference, which will give an interesting effect.

Matching shoes with a handbag

It is accepted that the color of the handbag should match the shoes. It is a rule that is often repeated. It is not a way that works in every case, but it is sometimes helpful. It is a solution for people who like to bet on a consistent look. It gives the effect of refinement and thoughtfulness of styling. However, it does not have to be the identical shade. It can simply be similar. Then it will look better and will not give a banal effect. It is best to keep these items of clothing simply in a similar style. It will be definitely a safer choice. If you are looking for handbags in a variety of colors, visit the website:

Matching the color to the occasion

Apart from matching the style, you should also match the handbag to the occasion. You should also take into consideration its color scheme. For elegant parties, intense colors in the form of accessories are rather avoided. Rather opt for softer shades. You can also follow the rules when choosing clothes for work. Branded accessories are good for such occasions. If it is a more casual event, you can confidently bet on strong colors. Then you don’t have to stick to specific frames. You can emphasize your personality with a handbag. When choosing the styling and accessories, you can combine colors, even at the first glance they do not match each other. The most important thing here is self-confidence, which will make you defend any set

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