How to dress your child in the fall?
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How to dress your child in the fall?

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Weather can be changeable. Especially in autumn. Therefore, parents often face a dilemma, what to wear for an autumn walk. We suggest which clothes for children will work best on cold and rainy days.

Walks with a toddler in the autumn can be a great fun for him. They are extremely important for his immunity, because in a slightly cooler and rainy season your child strengthens its immunity. However, it is worth taking care of the right clothes. So which ones to choose?

Clothes for a baby

When dressing a baby, it is worth remembering about one quite simple rule – the baby should have one more layer than parents. Therefore, the best solution will be a warm fleece suit over a blouse and shorts or a romper. Velour is nice to touch, velvety and gives a lot of warmth. Head cover is also very important, so don’t forget a cotton cap. Other accessories are also extremely useful during this quite cold and changeable season. Dress the toddler in warm and soft gloves on a string. They will keep the little hands warm, and thanks to the cord the child will not lose them. A light blanket will also come in handy. It is also worth remembering to protect them against moisture – autumn is a very rainy time of year. You can use a rain cover for the baby carriage, for example.

Clothes for a slightly older baby

In the case of slightly older children, who love to run and romp outside, the matter looks a bit different. The toddler should be dressed similarly to their parents, or even a bit lighter. It’s also worth making sure that your child doesn’t get cold or too hot. How to do it? The best and easiest way is to touch the nape of the child’s neck. If the baby is sweaty, it means he’s too warm, while a cool neck means he could use an extra layer of clothes.

Moving on to clothing choices: remember to stick to the rule about dressing your baby in several layers. So wear a T-shirt, a long-sleeved top and a sweatshirt, and long pants. On colder days you may also add a light jacket, and put on baby tights underneath. Do not forget about the appropriate headgear. A cotton cap, kerchief or scarf will be perfect for this role. A large selection of beautiful and comfortable clothes for children can be found on the website of the online store mashmnie clothes

Properly chosen footwear is also very important. The best solution will be comfortable shoes, for example, those made of leather or typical sports shoes, which allow you to comfortably play outside. On rainy days, wellingtons will be the most appropriate, which you can combine with a colorful umbrella – great fun in puddles is guaranteed.

What else to remember?

When going for a walk with your child in the autumn, in addition to comfortable and warm clothes, you should also remember about other things. First of all, during the autumn, which after all is an exceptionally changeable and cool season, do not forget to protect the delicate skin of your baby and before going for a walk, rub his face and hands with a suitable cream. This will prevent the skin from drying out and cracking

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