How to build the perfect look for a job interview?
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How to build the perfect look for a job interview?

Proper preparation for a recruitment interview is essential. It is important not only to have the right attitude and learn about the profile of a given company. Before starting the efforts for a new job it is also worth taking care of an elegant and interesting styling. How to create the perfect look? We suggest!

How should I dress for a job interview?

The first impression on future employers is the most important. When choosing a style for a job interview, it is worth to study the dress code of the company. Many establishments have a casual dress code, but there are some companies that require employees to dress in a businesslike manner. There is also an intermediate option that includes smart or business attire. In either case, you must follow the individual rules

Business dress – which one to choose?

In large, serious companies, the dress code is strictly regulated. Therefore, office-business style does not mean colorful clothes and shoes, bright accessories and lots of jewelry. Instead, it is dominated by plain blouses and shirts in neutral shades, classic business jackets with knee-length skirts or straight pants, black pumps and medium-sized leather bags.

Clothes that will work for business style:

  • smart pants,
  • suit,
  • mid-thigh jacket,
  • straight skirt to the knee,
  • white blouse or shirt,
  • matte black pumps,
  • jacket and skirt,
  • straight coat with belt,
  • pencil skirt,
  • medium sized bag

Business dress code allows delicate jewelry made of precious metals and stones. Light makeup with dark lipstick and eye shadow is not a good idea. Opt for neutral shades of shadow and lipstick. Ditch the bronzer and opt for a subtle highlight.

For the creative industries

Pair a white dress with bright sneakers. Choose an oversized jacket and a belt bag – show off your flair for trends and fashion awareness. Choose a white t-shirt and blue jeans, add jewelry, weave a scarf into your hairstyle, grab a bright trendy bag – your look should signal your creativity, be memorable and bold.

Fashion savoir vivre in conservative industries

In certain industries, there is actually a fashion rigor. This is due to the professional approach to consumers and business counterparties. The presentation of a candidate in such companies already at the beginning hits the target of the employer.

We do not always know the nature of the company to which we send our CV, and therefore often do not know what specific dress to opt for. In this case, you should bet on smart casual style, which is a type of gentle, sporty elegance. For ladies it can be dark jeans, a shirt and a jacket or a cardigan/sweater in neutral shades

Image matters

Experts who deal with the public’s perception of the individual have conducted many studies on image. According to them, clothing has a big impact on how a person is perceived by others. It is for this reason that professionals who advise job seekers emphasize the importance of choosing the right outfit. So, if you are looking for a job and you are going for an interview, do not underestimate your appearance and make sure that you are properly styled to match the company profile


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