The 60s are back in fashion. How to wear trends from 60 years ago?
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The 60s are back in fashion. How to wear trends from 60 years ago?

The colourful 1960s are back in fashion in a big way. Check out our selection of clothes and accessories for a glamorous look.

The 60s – back in style!

Do you love playing with trends and combining different patterns and colors? Great. Now you have a lot to look forward to because the trends say it’s time for the 60s to come back. This colourful era has made its mark in fashion history as a time for creativity and fun with clothes and accessories. It’s a great time for people who like to be on top and are not interested in boredom! Or maybe it is a time for those who have not yet had the courage to reach for intense patterns and colors?

What characterized this time in fashion?

When we think about the fashion of the 1960s, we should remember that it was a time when the economies of many countries were slowly recovering from the crisis after World War II. The influx of cash meant that the street was becoming bolder in dictating trends. Fashion at that time was provocative and revolutionary. It was then that women began to show up in leg-revealing mini-dresses, and London became the fashion capital. Fashion merged with art, as seen in the geometric patterned clothes that were fashionable at the time. The 1960s was also the time of the sexual revolution and famous subcultures such as the hippies.

What did fashionistas love 60 years ago?

In the 1960s women were fascinated by feminism and this was clearly visible in their style of dress. Boyish cuts, boxy coats or flat-heeled shoes – it was definitely on! Girls were more and more confident wearing pants. It was women living 60 years ago who popularized the wearing of pants among women. Mass culture also popularized the already mentioned mini skirts, without which modern women cannot imagine their closet. The Little Black Dress, launched by Coco Chanel, is also considered a symbol of the 1960s – the ultimate model of elegance.

Flower children

The influence of the hippie subculture was also significant. Airy, loose-fitting clothes, loose hair, natural makeup or no makeup at all – this is also a memory of the 1960s. Patterned clothes, knitted sweaters, fringes, and threads. These are elements you definitely associate with the hippies. Fashion back then was full of freedom and sensuality!

Style icons of the 60s.

Every era has its style icons. In the 60s, after the era of sexy Hollywood stars, the world took notice of Twiggy. The supermodel with her boyish figure and short blonde hair became a symbol of the 60s, not only in fashion but also in individuality and distinctiveness, which could not be denied!

The 1960s in today’s fashion

Currently, designers are increasingly revisiting trends from the 1960s. The year 2021 is the time to be inspired by the era that revolutionized the fashion world, the way women think and dress. On the catwalks it is clearly visible to reach back to this time, full of patterns and colors, emphasizing individualism and expressiveness. These associations are used today by both big designers and chain stores, providing every woman with clothes that will make her feel like in the 60s. It is worth being inspired by this trend and creating one-of-a-kind outfits that will allow you to stand out in the crowd. When planning such a look, pay attention not only to your clothes but also to striking accessories. If you like long earrings, beads, thongs or pearls, now is the perfect time for them. Depending on whether you want to look classic and elegant or hippie – the 60s trends give you the opportunity!

Check out some looks from the 60s:


Main Photo: Michael Ochs Archives/ Michael Ochs Archives/ Getty Images

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