How to style clothes with animal patterns to avoid a cheesy effect?
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How to style clothes with animal patterns to avoid a cheesy effect?

Most people smile under their breath when they hear about animal patterns, because they associate such clothes with trashiness. Some women, though, like the mottled look but don’t know how to wear it. Check out our suggestions!

With animal prints you can create a great outfit, but only if you choose the right patterns. So how can you style your animal prints without them looking tacky?

Animal prints on clothes. A trend that never goes out of style

Animal prints on clothes haven’t been out of fashion for a few seasons now. They can be found on clothing as well as accessories. They allow us to create bold outfits, however, they are quite difficult to style and can easily lead to a glamorous and kitsch effect. If you don’t want to make a mistake when styling your outfits with animal prints, here are some of our fashion tips!

Which animal prints are the most popular?

Leopard spots are a hit, an animal print that has been a phenomenon since the French film and stage star Brigitte Bardot wore a spotted coat. Leopard print is feisty yet classy. It is suitable not only for everyday wear but also for evening events, as the world class model Kate Moss has proven many times.

Tiger or zebra stripes are another pattern that often appears both in the classic color version, as well as a bit more crazy. Pink or celadon “zebra” is mainly associated with the French fashion house Kenzo, which is famous for using a playful version of this animal print in its collections.

Another animal print is snake or crocodile skin. This pattern was a hit again in 2019/2020 and hasn’t lost its popularity since then. The snake skin pattern looks great on 60’s style jackets and skirts. Animal motifs also look great on any accessories. Snakeskin boots and bags are a total must have for modern fashionistas. Snake and crocodile patterns come in many colors.

What colors should be paired with animal prints?

Leopard print, spots and stripes are bold on their own and should not be combined with strong colors. Neons and other eye-catching colors will not look good when matched with animal print. It is safest to bet on classics, that is black, white, shades of grey, ecru or pastel colors. Then the styling with animal print will be tasteful, not kitschy.

Are animal prints suitable for everyone?

Every woman can wear animal prints with her outfits. The key to success here is moderation. If you decide on a bold animal print trouser, the top should be plain. The print is eye-catching and optically expands the hips, which is why we advise against it for women with large figures. It is also worth noting that zebra stripes make you look bigger. Beware of horizontal patterns, as they widen the silhouette

When it comes to animal prints, be sure not to cross the fine line between elegant and tacky. Cut of clothes with animal print should not be overdone, because the pattern itself is daring. It is also important that the clothes are not too tight. Oversized blouses and loose dresses will look better.

See also how animal prints are worn by it-girls:


Main photo: Edward Berthelot/ Getty Images Entertainment/ Getty Images

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