What is the dress code for the mother and mother-in-law of the bride and groom at the wedding?

What is the dress code for the mother and mother-in-law of the bride and groom at the wedding?

The parents of the bride and groom are very important people at their children’s wedding and will be the center of attention more than once. Therefore, both the mother of the groom and the bride should be dressed appropriately and according to the nature of the event. What are the basic rules when choosing an outfit for such an important ceremony?

Most of the guests at the wedding want to see how the bride looks, but then their eyes are focused on the mother and mother-in-law. Therefore, choosing a dress for such an important day should be well thought out. The outfit for your own child’s wedding should be more festive than that worn to any other wedding. You should also emphasize your beauty with more elegant makeup and stylish hairstyle. It is also very important to choose the right accessories to the styling

How should the mother of the bride or the groom dress for the wedding?

There is no single recipe for successful wedding styling, it is worth keeping your own style, so that you do not feel in the chosen outfit as someone dressed up instead of dressed down. A good practice is to consult with the bride, who may have some ideas of how her closest family should look on that day. It is also important to remember about appropriate clothing, since the ceremony has a religious character. So it is better to give up mini dresses and outfits with deep cleavage

What color dress to choose?

Many guides say that you should not dress in white and black for a wedding. Some brides and grooms write on their invitations what the dress code is for the wedding to make it easier for their guests to choose their outfits. The mother of the bride can wear a gold or silver dress, which will stand out from the crowd, but will not overshadow the bride’s shine. Many ladies also opt for a look in pastel shade which is certainly a correct and safe option

Accessories for the bride’s mom’s wedding hairstyle

The right accessories can complement any outfit by giving it a completely different feel. A great way to accessorize a mom of the bride outfit would be to add a stylish headpiece to it. A hat with a big brim or an elegant veil will make the whole outfit look more distinguished. Equally important will be the jewelry – a great option will be classic gold or a versatile pearl necklace


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