How to fit a skirt to your figure?
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How to fit a skirt to your figure?

Every piece of clothing we wear should not only please us, but also look good on us. This time we focus on skirts. We check what to consider when buying it and what cut to choose to emphasize our figure.

Skirt – a must-have in everyone’s closet

Skirt is undoubtedly one of those elements that can be worn all year round. It is a kind of compromise between a dress and pants. You can create countless stylings with it – everyday, sporty, elegant, as well as for parties. It all depends on the blouse or shirt and accessories that we put on it.

There are many styles of skirts in stores and sometimes it is a problem to choose the most suitable one for your figure. As in every case, we may unintentionally enlarge our hips or emphasize our belly. We have prepared practical tips on the four main figure types, which you should remember while shopping.

Hourglass skirt

Hourglass is called the ideal silhouette. It has hips and shoulders of similar width, plus a well-defined waistline and beautiful bust. Excellent choices when it comes to skirts for the hourglass figure are all pencil cuts and fitted, and slightly trapezoidal – with a high waist, possibly with a belt. The length does not matter much, but beware of too short mini, which may make your hips look even bigger.

Skirt for a pear-shaped woman

Pear-shaped women have wider hips, relatively narrow shoulders and small breasts. In their case it is necessary to optically reduce the lower parts. So what is the best skirt for a pear-shaped woman? Trapezoidal and A-shaped. Slightly looser and freer cut will make the silhouette look lighter. Midi skirts made of slightly thicker, form-fitting material, but not pleated, are ideal.

Skirt for an apple

Equally common among Polish women is the apple figure, in which the problematic area is the belly. Here you should definitely stay away from pencil skirts and tight-fitting, which further emphasize the protruding belly, and from the so-called mini dresses. Apple shapes look best in skirts with a high waist and marked waist, as well as in loose, flared skirts. They may be slightly pleated, with pleats, asymmetrical.

Skirt for the column

Columned, statuesque silhouette has no visible curves or waistline. Everything is of similar width – shoulders, waist and hips. The key to styling success is to optically round off the figure, for example with skirts reminiscent of tulips, bombshells, pleated skirts and those cut from circles. Skirts with belts and decorative buckles, which draw the eye to the waist, also work well

Beware of A-line skirts though. Unfortunately, these can make your legs appear even skinnier than they really are.

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