How to wear vintage clothes to look stylish and not old-fashioned every time?
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How to wear vintage clothes to look stylish and not old-fashioned every time?

Do you think that in order to look fashionable you need to be up to date with trends and wear only branded clothes from chain stores? Nothing more misleading! Not only does vintage style fit in with current trends, it often sets them itself. You too can get inspired by the past decades!

What exactly is vintage style? Under this term are not only second hand clothes, but also things from our mothers or grandmothers. It’s also clothes styled in past decades. But how do we know if a dress or skirt fits into the vintage style? If it was created at least 20 years earlier, we can safely call it retro

Retro clothing is back in style. How to dress in vintage style?

Vintage style should emphasize your personality and reflect the way you see the world. The most important rule of vintage style is consistency. Don’t forget that in addition to the right choice of closet, you also need to take care of accessories, hairstyle and of course make-up. An option worth considering is a visit to vintage fashion fairs, which are held periodically in many Polish clubs. It’s a great source of inspiration!

Currently, many brands are returning to past decades and introduce to their designs a little sentimental note from the past. But how to build a vintage look that does not look old-fashioned? Check out these 5 rules to help you perfect your style

1. Focus on quality

Choose only those pieces of clothing that are of the best quality. This is important, because in case of second hand vintage clothes, pre-fabricated cuts and trims, unfortunately it’s easy to get sloppy and kitschy look. When looking for fashion gems in second hand shops, choose only those perfectly tailored with good quality fabrics and careful finishing

2. Mix new with old

A great way to look vintage is to mix styles from past decades with modern ones. This way you will compose an outfit that will highlight your individuality and not blindly and clumsily duplicate the ideas of others. It is worth mixing typical clothes of a given era with those that are currently fashionable. For example, for a shirt from the 90s you can match a still fashionable ramone jacket with mom jeans

3. Don’t forget about consistency

When you compose vintage fashion sets, try to make them consistent. If you are a sports lover, smuggle such details into your outfit and focus on a particular decade, when the style was fashionable. Pair a casual windbreaker with old-school high-top sneakers that were popular in the 80s

4. Modern accessories add a touch of glamour

Remember that moderation and simplicity always pays off, so don’t go overboard with mixing clothes from different eras. To vintage style clothes, add modern accessories. Fashionable jewelry and handbag will add charm to every outfit.

5. The right hairstyle and make-up

Each era was characterized by typical hairstyles and makeup that women of that time did. You can use this to create a cohesive look but be careful not to overdo it. For example, you may match your 1930s dress with trendy surf waves instead of a typical 1930s updo. Remember, make-up and hairstyles are a great way to look modern and it is better to match the trendy hairstyle with the retro look rather than the other way around.

Check out a pinch of inspiration straight from Pinterest!


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