How to wear heavy boots to continue looking feminine?
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How to wear heavy boots to continue looking feminine?

The fashion for heavy, military boots with thick soles is still on. This trend is especially loved by Scandinavian women and those who prefer a bit of avant-garde in their outfits.

Black ankle boots look impressive, but what should you pair them with to still feel feminine? Some stylists’ ideas may be surprising, but the results can be mind-blowing.

Some say that heavy, sometimes even clumsy military boots are the most fashionable element of this season. They can be seen in collections of Prada or Bottega Veneta, especially desirable are so called Chelsea Boots, which can be found in Martens offer

How not to lose your girlishness in this type of shoes? Heavy slippers look great with jeans, floral dresses or biker shorts. Check out the most interesting proposals.

How to look fashionable and feminine in army slippers?

At first few people believed that the trend for heavy boots with thick soles will catch on in fashion for a long time. It turned out that many women loved this seemingly clumsy and unattractive footwear. Girls wear them with literally everything and look phenomenal in them. The rebellious nature of these shoes is perfect for women who want to express their individual style with their clothes.

  1. Leather jacket

The combination of two fashionable and classic elements must create an unusual combination. Heavy boots look great with a leather jacket or ramones. Under the jacket you can wear a plain T-shirt, crop top or oversized white shirt – any of these proposals will look fantastic with black slippers.

For a feminine style, wear tight jeans, mini skirt or a chic dress under the jacket. This combination is simple but effective, and at the same time a bit rebellious

  1. Overalls or ladies’ suit

Do you love high fashion outfits? This combination is sure to appeal to you. Heavy military boots look great with women’s suits or overalls. It’s practically a ready-made outfit that looks fantastic and requires minimum effort. Want to add a bit of sensuality to the outfit? Wear only a lacy top or bra underneath the jacket. This is also a great way to play with different colors, because any color, even the craziest outfit, will go with black shoes

  1. Biker shorts

Biker shorts have since the 1990s ceased to be just pants that we like to wear on bike trips. In the past decade we liked to wear them with sports blouses. Currently, this type of outfit is phenomenally combined with trappers in combat boots style.

To give the whole a slightly softer and more delicate look, the whole can be combined with an airy shirt or a denim jacket. Undoubtedly, this is a set that perfectly fits the current trends.

  1. Straight jeans

Heavy boots with thick soles also look great with casual everyday styles. The easiest way to look cool and trendy is to pair them with straight jeans.

The most eye-catching looks involve pairing Chelsea Boots with high-waisted pants and a straight leg tucked into the middle of the boot. A striking effect can be achieved by adding an interesting accessory to the look. This could be an animal print coat, down jacket or fake fur.

  1. A girlish dress

Heavy boots and a summer dress? This combination may seem extravagant and overdone at first, but in reality, this duo looks simply amazing.

The dress can be mini, mindi or maxi length, and either way the military boots will complete the look. It depends on our style what kind and cut of dress we decide to style with slippers or martens. It is the unobvious and surprising combination that inspires the most

Here’s a pinch of inspiration from Pinterest:


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