How to wear stilettos so your legs don’t hurt? 5 effective tips from our editors
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How to wear stilettos so your legs don’t hurt? 5 effective tips from our editors

Stiletto heels are an inseparable element of office dress code and styling for important events such as weddings. More and more often stylish shoes on thin heels are also worn with casual outfits

Unfortunately, they’re not the most comfortable shoes in the world, so every woman is looking for tricks to prevent her legs from getting sore after a few hours. It turns out that the topic is so important that scientists are also looking into it.

There are professions in which the wearing of stilettos is an everyday occurrence, because such shoes are part of the mandatory attire at work. Women working as receptionists or stewardesses sometimes have to spend many hours in high heels

Pain in the legs is caused by the fact that the weight of the body is shifted in an unnatural way to the toes, instead of resting on the whole foot. Abrasions can also be a problem, which can occur when you first put on new shoes. Here’s how you can make your stilettos as comfortable as your favorite slippers.

5 tips to make walking in high heels comfortable and painless

1. Deodorant can help prevent chafing

There’s nothing more party-ruining than getting a graze on your foot that prevents you from having fun. To avoid an unpleasant surprise, before putting on your stilettos, spray a stick of deodorant on the sensitive areas of your feet. This will create a protective barrier, which will protect the skin against abrasions

2. Shoe insoles

Nowadays, special shoe insoles, which were designed by a group of doctors dealing with joints, are becoming more and more popular. The insole only needs to be put into the shoe – thanks to it, the body weight will be supported on the whole foot and not only on the toes. It’s so effective, in fact, that many shoe manufacturers now include a shoe insert in their stilettos.

3. Choose the model of stilettos that fits your foot

It is very important to choose a model, which will actually stick to our foot. It may be helpful to use different types of ties, strings, straps or buckles, which stabilize your foot in the right position

4. Unlace your shoes before an important outing

Buying shoes at the last minute is not the best idea, as shoes need to have time to fit your foot. Looking for new shoes before a wedding or starting a new job? Buy them as early as possible and start walking in them already. Some people choose to break in a new pair using a righthand or give them to a cobbler for this purpose.

5. Glue your toes together with a Band-Aid

A quick method to help you avoid pain in the instep of your foot a little longer is to glue your third and fourth toes together with a patch. This is a trick that will postpone the unpleasant discomfort. How does it work? Between the fourth and third toe on the foot there is a nerve that is responsible for the pain in the instep

This will work only in shoes with a covered toe, putting on sandals on a stiletto you have to give it up

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