How to wear ankle boots?
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How to wear ankle boots?

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Ankle boots can be a challenge for many people, especially when trying to pair them with long pants or dresses. What to combine ankle boots with and how to create original styles? Here are our tips!

How to wear ankle boots to look fashionable and stylish depends mainly on the type of shoes and the rest of your outfit. The range of shoe stores is so large, that everyone is sure to find the right fit for them. For example, stores offer a wide selection of Palladium shoes, which are of very good quality and can be matched with different styles.

Women’s ankle boots

Women’s ankle boots match almost every outfit, depending on their style. They allow you to optically slim down your legs and will go well with both fitted pants and dresses of different lengths. However, when deciding on women’s boots, you should pay attention to their style, as some will look better with elegant coats, while others with a bomber jacket or a jacket.


These are ankle boots on a thick, grooved sole. They are perfect especially for the upcoming cold days. However, they do not look good with every type of clothing. You can wear tube pants with a tapered bottom. However, men’s tube pants sometimes have quite wide legs, and if the pants don’t fit inside the shoe, they may not look very good. Women’s baggers will go well with dresses and jackets, while men can afford to wear a coat with such shoes.

Women’s and men’s slippers

This type of women’s shoes is a bit like boots and can be matched with both pants and dresses. However, it is best if the pants go inside the shoes. When it comes to dresses, knee-length flared ones will look good, but more fitted models can also work here. In case of men, it is worth to untie the sneakers at the top. This will give you a more nonchalant look.

Trekking shoes

Both men’s and women’s trekking boots are recommended for mountain expeditions. However, they can be a great option for winter, especially if they are insulated. Trekking boots will go best with pants and leggings, while they may be “too heavy” for dresses. Any down and sports jackets will look great with these boots.

Sporty ankle boots

Both sneakers and sneakers are not only very comfortable but also fashionable all the time. They will match with jeans, sports pants, but also with dresses or skirts. Colorful ankle sneakers will look interesting with airy, girlish dresses, and sneakers look best with fitted jeans, but also with cigarette pants. For men, sporty ankle boots can also be matched with more than just sporty clothes. A shirt with nonchalant rolled-up sleeves and an elegant vest can be an interesting styling idea. Men’s sports shoes also go well with jeans, joggers and shorts. As for the upper part of clothing, you can easily wear them with T-shirts and sweatshirts, but also with sweaters or polos.

What to remember when choosing ankle boots?

Pants do not always have to be narrower than the upper part of the top. This is the safest solution, but women, who like to experiment with fashion, will love the combination of ankle boots and ankle-length pants. Visually heavy shoes usually look better with pants, and matching clothes with the color of shoes will optically lengthen legs. For pants with wider legs, it is worth to roll them up, hide the top under the leg or tuck the legs under the shoe’s tongue.

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