What should you do when your skin starts to come off after sunbathing?

What should you do when your skin starts to come off after sunbathing?

During the vacations, when we spend most of the day in a bathing suit and expose our skin to the sun, we can get the problem of flaky skin. The flaky layers of skin are caused by insufficient hydration during sunbathing, and sometimes they result from previous sunburns. To prevent flaky skin, always apply a sunscreen to your face and body before sun exposure!

Skin coming off as a result of sunbathing is a consequence of damage to the hydrolipid layer of our epidermis, which is designed to protect sensitive skin. Too much sun exposure causes the epidermis to peel off before it can regenerate again. Do not peel off flaky patches of skin on your own, as this can only cause irritation. Often the best way to deal with peeling skin is to arm yourself with a little patience. However, it’s not a good idea to forget to moisturize your skin thoroughly with a good body lotion at this stage

How do I help my skin recover from sun damage?

Once the redness has disappeared, and the skin is no longer burning or irritated, it is time to start caring for it, which will help restore the balance. With the help of an appropriate peeling, which gently removes flaky skin and prevents the formation of unsightly discoloration on the body. This process, however, can not be started too early, because it can only aggravate the problem. It is best to start using peeling 3-4 days after noticing that the skin begins to peel and descend from our back, shoulders or neckline


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