These 4 beauty products are not good for your skin. Check if you are using them

These 4 beauty products are not good for your skin. Check if you are using them

Although our awareness as consumers is growing every year, we still make a lot of skin care mistakes that do not serve our skin. One of the most serious offenses is the use of inappropriate products that instead of helping, harm the skin. In the cosmetics cabinets of many of us can still find products that are strongly advised against by dermatologists and cosmetologists. Interestingly, these are quite popular cosmetics, which many people use every day. Maybe it is time to carry out a cosmetic examination of conscience and change your bad skin habits? Check which products it is better to avoid!

These 4 products should be removed from your makeup bag forever!

Make-up remover wipes

Makeup remover wipes may be a great invention for camping vacations, but they are definitely not a product for everyday use. Unfortunately, wipes are not effective when it comes to completely removing makeup; rather, they cause dirt, germs, and bacteria to be spread all over your face. This action can have dire consequences

Blackhead patches

Blackhead patches were supposed to be an innovative way to remove unsightly dots from the surface of our face. It turns out that this invention is not only ineffective, but causes a lot of irritation and also violates the healthy epidermis of the nose or chin. Unfortunately, their use severely compromises the skin’s protective layer

Coconut oil as an alternative to face cream

Natural coconut oil has many very positive properties that are great for skin care, but it is not a product that can replace face cream. The oil, even with an excellent composition, is not able to effectively moisturize the skin. The use of coconut oil on the face can lead to acne lesions.

Washing face with soap

Many people still think that the best facial cleanser is simply soap. Unfortunately, they are wrong, because cosmetology has long since confirmed that there are much more beneficial products that better affect the condition of our skin. Soap has a very high pH, which dries out the skin, and after washing it gives an unpleasant pulling sensation. Instead of soap, choose a micellar lotion or a gentle tonic.


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