Olive oil for your face? Yes, this is a great idea that your skin will thank you for
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Olive oil for your face? Yes, this is a great idea that your skin will thank you for

Added to scrubs, masks, creams, used for massage and makeup removal – olive oil has amazing properties. No wonder it is so often used in cosmetics.

What properties does olive oil have?

Olive oil is known primarily in the food industry, but it also has invaluable effects on the skin, hair and nails. It is full of vitamins E and K, unsaturated fatty acids, retinol, calcium, potassium and sterols.

Used in cosmetics, it protects against free radicals, loss of moisture, delays the skin aging process, moisturizes, has anti-wrinkle, smoothing and firming properties. It also protects against UV radiation and regenerates the skin, stimulating it to renewal. It also has rebuilding and cleansing properties. It also restores the skin’s natural lipid barrier and eliminates blemishes and skin changes.

We look at exactly where and how to use olive oil so you can enjoy its effects. Of course, we only use extra virgin olive oil.

How to use olive oil on your face?

Natural cosmetics for the face are increasingly popular and no one should be surprised. It is worth using natural solutions that not only benefit us, but also the environment. By the way, home treatments do not require from us so much time, as it may seem. Here are some cosmetic ways to use olive oil.

As a mask

Those with dry and sensitive skin should use a mask of two tablespoons of olive oil and half an avocado. Such a mask should be applied to the face, neck and décolleté for about 15 to 20 minutes and then washed off with warm water. The skin will be soothed, moisturized and toned, and irritations soothed. You can also use honey and natural yogurt instead of avocado.

As a make-up remover

It is well known that evening facial cleansing should be done in two stages – first with an oil-based product and then with a water-based product. Instead of a ready-made cosmetic, we recommend using olive oil, which will cope with impurities, but will be gentle enough not to violate the lipid barrier of the skin.

To scrub

Regular scrubbing works very well for our skin. At the same time we do not have to buy a dedicated cosmetic for this. Just mix olive oil with brown sugar and you are done. Such a scrub – cheap but effective – should be used once or twice a week. Instead of sugar you can use coarse sea salt.

To massage

Oils are ideal for massage, guaranteeing that your hands glide smoothly and effortlessly over your skin. The same goes for olive oil used for facial massage. Just a five-minute fingertip massage several times a week will improve skin condition, blood flow and facial contours.

As an addition to cream

Olive oil works well not as a replacement for the traditional cream but as an addition to it. It is worth adding a bit to both a night and day cosmetic, strengthening and enriching its effect.

As a lip balm

Finally, we left the last suggestion. It is enough to combine it with honey and apply it on your lips. This is a real vitamin bomb, ideal for regenerating irritated, cracked and chapped lips.

Main Photo: Dimitri Karastelev/unsplash.com

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