Taking a break from colouring your hair? We tell you how to get back to your natural hair color

Taking a break from colouring your hair? We tell you how to get back to your natural hair color

Colouring your hair long term, especially light blonde or platinum colours, weakens and damages your hair strands. Regular visits to the hair salon or the purchase of hair dye are both cumbersome and expensive in the long run. The natural fashion trend also makes more and more women decide to go back to their natural hair color. We tell you how to do this without damaging your hair

There are several very effective ways to go back to your natural hair color. Some work almost immediately, while others may take a few weeks. You can either have your hair coloured in a professional salon or do it yourself at home. No matter which method you choose, taking good care of your hair is a very important step. This will allow your hair to regain its natural shine and have a chance to regenerate after years of colouring

5 Ways to Never Run Away from Colouring Your Hair

1. Colouring Hair in Colours Similar to Our Own

A simple way to get your hair back to its natural color within a few hours is to dye it the closest shade to your own. This can be done at a trusted hair salon, where a professional will help you choose the color you want to dye your hair. The roots that appear will not be significantly different from the previously colored strands

2. Colouring your hair ombre or sombre

Ombre or sombre colouring is another way to slowly regain your natural color. This type of coloring is designed to change the color of only the ends of the hair. The natural hair is combined with the colored one in a very gentle and aesthetic transition of colors from dark to lighter or vice versa

3. Decolorization

The more invasive color-treatment method is called hair color removal. This method involves the use of a suitable bleaching agent, which changes the hair color by as much as 5-6 shades. Sometimes the color is not removed after one treatment and the process needs to be repeated. Unfortunately, the bleaching process weakens and dries out the hair strands, so it is necessary to take care of the hair afterwards, placing great emphasis on its regeneration

4. Natural rinses

There are several methods, which will not give a spectacular effect immediately, but they can be successfully performed at home. For this purpose, it is worth using the properties of herbs, which have a darkening or lightening effect on hair. Herbal stores sell ready mixtures, which should be used to make a hair rinse. To notice a difference in the color of the strands, this procedure should be performed several times

5. The Application of Henna

The sleek look keeps gaining popularity because it is elegant, slimming and sexy. Henna is a great cosmetic product that darkens the hair strands slightly and nourishes and strengthens them at the same time. By using henna, natural transitions will appear on the hair, which will make the whole look more natural.

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