Make-up inspired by the crazy 80s is a hit this summer. How to do it properly?

Make-up inspired by the crazy 80s is a hit this summer. How to do it properly?

Blue eye shadow paired with neon lip gloss? Such combinations were in style during the disco dance years of the 1980s. This colourful trend is back in fashion again. So if you want to stand out at your next party, be sure to opt for bold make-up in the spirit of a bygone era!

The past few months have seen plenty of inspiration from the 90s, with crimped hair and fake nails. The trend for the next decade is now back and the 80s are back in style, as we can already see in the make-up industry. A bold lipstick in juicy colors combined with very colourful eye shadow is a combination that is sure to make you an eye-catcher. When looking for interesting makeup inspiration, it’s worth going to the TikTok app and typing #myparentslook into the search engine, where users present phenomenal styles inspired by the looks of their parents when they were young

How do you bring the 80s into your makeup?

Even if you’re looking at a photo from the 80s and the makeup looks of the time seem kitschy and exaggerated to you, you can still take something from them for yourself. Professionals have brilliantly given those trends a modern and refreshed touch, so even very colorful makeup can look spectacular

The past few years have made us accustomed to going for minimalistic and subdued make-up for the most part. We preferred the cosmetics applied to give the face a natural look and gently highlight the beauty. This is in total opposition to the 80s, where strong accents, fancy hairstyles and an unconventional approach to style counted. Therefore, if you want to be inspired by this decade, you should not be afraid of intense highlighting of both eyes and lips. It is worth betting on shiny, glittering eye shadows, colored mascaras or strongly tinted lipsticks in fuchsia, for example


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