5 nail design ideas for St. Andrew’s Day
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5 nail design ideas for St. Andrew’s Day

St. Andrew’s Day is fast approaching. Last minute parties are already in the planning stages, outfits have been chosen and hairdressers arranged. It seems that everything is ready to the last button. The only thing left is the nails

For every big occasion like holidays or Halloween we paint nails in various interesting motives, which refer to the climate of the event. So, what nails to choose for Andrew’s party?

What are the trends for Andrzejki nails?

Christmas manicures have been dominated by glitters, greens, golds and reds for years. There are also charming snowflakes, baubles and Christmas trees. At Easter, Easter bunnies and Easter eggs in pastel colors are in demand. So what about nails for Andrew’s Day? What colors and motifs are trendy for the last night out?

1. Brocade ombre

Nails for St. Andrew’s Day have to be special. It is a day of fortune telling and games that are supposed to show us what will happen in the future. Therefore manicure should also be unique. Ombre nails, kept in dark colors will be perfect. A unique element here is the combination of color and glitter. The combination of matte and glitter is perfect for theme parties.

2. Chic glitter with a cat motif

A manicure for the last minute should stand out. Nails with cat motif and glitter will look interesting. All kinds of fortune telling are closely related to witches and various pagan beliefs. Therefore, it will be perfect just a silhouette of a black cat, say on the moon. Everything, of course, should be kept in a slightly dark atmosphere.

3. Dark colors

St. Andrew’s Day is very much associated with dark powers, which are associated with dark colors. So this is what your nails should be on that special day. Opt for burgundy, brown and black manicures and you can match it with a matte or glossy finish. Either one is very on-trend.

4. Galaxy motif on nails

The very fashionable galaxy motif is also perfect for the party. Nails painted this way are simply impressive. It is important that small bright dots are visible. The nails should be painted in dark colors. It wouldn’t hurt to add a light aurora borealis green as well. Such a streak will create a very interesting whole with the dark blue galaxy.

5. Delicate and elegant

If you have very short nails or you just feel better in lighter colors, choose timeless and suitable for any occasion milk polish. Adding a glitter tip to them will create a “wow” effect. On the other hand, almost transparent polish combined with irregularly distributed glittering particles will give your nails a girly look. Moreover, they will be associated with a touch of magic.

There is no shortage of manicure inspirations for St. Andrew’s Day. It is worth to browse through the pages with different designs in advance and find a solution for yourself. A skilled beautician will certainly be able to fulfill our nail fantasies.

Main photo: Damir Spanic/unsplash.com

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