Summer styling - how to mix bold colors together. Colour blocking instruction manual

Summer styling - how to mix bold colors together. Colour blocking instruction manual

Mixing bold colors together is a great recipe for summer styling. However, colourful outfits are still not very popular and we tend to forgo instinctive colors in favour of a more basic color palette. Although black and white is still a timeless and classic solution, it is sometimes worth going crazy, especially when it comes to your outfit. A great way to do this is colour blocking, i.e. combining different, often extreme, colors in your outfit. This art is not the simplest one, but the brave ones are always rewarded with a striking and unique look!

Color blocking is on trend again, as evidenced by the Versace show, which featured the summer-spring collection. Bold color combinations played a major role, resulting in unforgettable styles

How to sneak color into your summer outfits?

If you want to smuggle some high fashion inspiration into your closet, you should bet on a few colorful clothes. In addition to dresses in bold colors, summer 2021 will also see oversized jackets, palazzo pants and one-piece suits. Stylish accessories such as lace-up sandals, baseball caps and asymmetric sunglasses will also do the trick. Instead of buying another item in black or white, this time go for fiery red, vivid pink or juicy green

If you are still not brave enough for a crazy look or you have no idea what colors go well together, here is some inspiration for you. The colourful bird of world fashion is Iris Apfel, who loves the bold colors. Discover other colorful hairstyles that may surprise you with their originality!


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