Models of dresses that you can wear to the office
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Models of dresses that you can wear to the office

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Dress for work, even if you are not bound by a dress code, must be appropriate and elegant. Although many companies allow employees to wear casual clothes on a daily basis, there are still unwritten rules in the work environment that say you cannot come to the office in pajamas or a ball gown. The safest outfit for a woman to wear to work is a dress. Here are some models that you can reliably wear to any position

Pencil dress

A very classic model of dress that you can always wear to work is the pencil dress. Just like its counterpart in the form of a skirt, it is always an appropriate outfit for work and beyond. A pencil dress can be a great base for a slightly more extravagant look with accessories and jewelry, or a very simple but still effective outfit

In such a dress you will always look professional and be ready for a business meeting every day. To a pencil dress you can wear stilettos, moccasins or ballerinas. However, sporty shoes will not be a good choice, because they are not elegant enough and do not match with such a classic cut of the dress

Dress with an envelope neckline

Every woman has such a cut of dress in which she looks and feels best. For most ladies with large breasts, the neckline determines how the dress fits. The envelope-wearing fabric does a great job of exposing large breasts without revealing too much. Usually, dresses with an envelope neckline are also tied with a belt at the waist, which helps to make the waist stand out from the entire silhouette, making the figure more feminine

Dresses for work do not have to be boring, such an overlapping neckline will diversify the styling and make it not monotonous. For such a dress, depending on its style, will fit both stilettos and pumps, as well as sneakers. It all depends on the length of the dress and the pattern on the material – plain fabrics are more elegant, those patterned are usually considered more casual.

The elegant princesse

A princeska type dress can be worn by a woman in any position. A businesswoman, teacher, receptionist or accountant will feel equally comfortable and elegant in such a dress. You can wear it solo, directly on the body, or in a slightly more loose way – with a blouse underneath. The latter method is the most popular one in fashion catalogs.

It is also an ideal outfit for winter – long sleeves on cold days are necessary, and not every dress has them. Princeska has a very simple and classic cut, which allows for many modifications. You can add a belt, collar, widen or narrow it – the options are endless!

Shirt dress

A button-down shirt dress is also a great outfit for work. This elegant and stylish dress cut fits perfectly for everyday office attire. This dress usually has a collar or stand-up collar, which adds elegance and also looks very original.

Such styling will look great with a pair of thick tights and boots or in summer with sneakers. You can wear the shirt dress regardless of the season and the temperature outside, because it is very versatile and goes with almost everything!

Choosing an outfit for work can be a conundrum, but remember to follow your taste and comfort first and foremost. Any outfit can be formal enough to fit into the dress code, as long as you can choose the right accessories to go with it.

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