What should you wear to optically lengthen your legs? Here are 12 tried-and-true tricks from our editorial team

What should you wear to optically lengthen your legs? Here are 12 tried-and-true tricks from our editorial team

Long, shapely legs are the dream of most women. Unfortunately, not all of us can boast of a model’s figure

How to make legs look longer than they really are? Simply apply one of the following clothing tricks!

Proven ways to optically lengthen legs

To get the effect of long legs, you should complete your closet with the following clothes:

Long pants

Ladies who want to optically lengthen their legs, should skip ¾ or ⅞ length pants. Ankle-length models are much better. As far as the cut is concerned, there is no choice. You should only remember that tight-fitting trousers may emphasize all kinds of body flaws, such as massive thighs or sides.

High-waisted pants

This is a proven way to optically lengthen the lower parts of the figure. In addition, such a cut aesthetically emphasizes the waist and feminine curves, making the silhouette take on an hourglass shape.

Pants with vertical stripes

A pattern that makes legs look both longer and slimmer. This motif can also appear on other items of clothing, such as skirts and dresses

Loose-fitting pants

Loose-fitting trousers make legs look longer than they really are by not exposing the buttocks and thighs.

Stilettos in a nude shade

Shoes, the color of which is close to the natural shade of our skin, are a great way to optically lengthen legs. Women, who do not like stilettoes, may decide to wear equally stylish, but much more comfortable shoes on stilts or platforms. Alternatively, wear shoes in a shade similar to tights, which together with them will create one coherent whole.

Dresses cut off or extended under the bust

Outfits of this type not only optically slenderize legs, but also conceal figure flaws, such as protruding tummy or sides. Thanks to the fact that they are airy, they are perfect for all lovers of comfortable, yet feminine stylizations.

Tucked-in pants or skirts

This trick applies to blouses as well as shirts and sweaters. It is an extremely simple trick with the help of which we can easily lengthen our legs by even a dozen or so centimetres. Clothes of this type can be put inside both completely and only in one place. Short clothes reaching to the waist also work well.

Maxi dresses

What cut should be used for effective elongation of legs? Both models cut below the bust, as well as slim-fit work well. Depending on the cut, such a long dress will be suitable both for the ball, and for a holiday trip or an afternoon date.

Mini skirts

One of the best ways to optically lengthen legs. Choose from mid-thigh models, as well as those reaching just above or to the knees.

High buttock pockets

Short women should look for models with pockets sewn in as high as possible. It is best if they are not sewn on, but tucked in.

Clothes that cover the belly

Girls, whose height is not their greatest asset, should pay special attention to the length of the blouses they wear. They must avoid those short and tight-fitting. Such blouses divide the silhouette, shortening it and effectively disrupting its proportions.

Wear clothes in similar shades

To make legs look longer than they really are, when putting together an outfit you should make sure that its individual elements are kept in similar colors. Short women should avoid neon, reflective colors.


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