Summer office dress code – do you know what not to wear to work during the summer?
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Summer office dress code – do you know what not to wear to work during the summer?

Appropriate length, covered shoulders, low neckline and muted color palette – these are only a few rules of the office dress code, which applies even during the hottest days. How to survive this time, dressing according to expectations?

Office dress code – what are its rules?

Our appearance ensures us about 80% of success, but we have only one chance to make a good first impression. The right dress code builds a professional image of the employee, and thus also the entire company, not only a large corporation, but also a smaller business.

One should be aware that the dress code applies not only to clothing, but also footwear, jewelry, accessories, as well as makeup and nail design, although even the best styling will not replace the competence and knowledge of the person

It is essential that the elements of our office closet be simple, neutral, timeless and tailored to our figure, preferably in subdued shades of beige, gray or navy blue. Despite appearances black is not a good choice, because it is the color reserved for the evening.

Stick to the rule ‘the less, the more ‘ – a classic watch, discreet bracelet, delicate make-up and classic handbag will do much better than their flashy equivalents. As for the shoes, they should usually cover the toes and the heel. Leather or suede models are the most elegant.

How to survive summer in the office – styling tricks

An outfit always has to fit in with the imposed dress code – regardless of the season. During the summer heat it is quite a challenge to compose a suitable outfit, which will also be comfortable and convenient

There is no way to wear beach flip-flops, mini-skirts, strapless shirts, deep necklines, short shorts, transparent shorts or cut-outs. Today, more and more companies allow you to go without tights as long as your skirt or dress is the right length and you do not have tattoos, bruises, varicose veins or spider veins on your legs.

It is worth to follow the tips below:

airy clothes – the fabrics should be natural, light, so that the skin can breathe freely, even if we have long sleeves; linen, cotton, muslin, bamboo, silk; forget about polyester or polyamide;

light colors – high temperatures are better tolerated when we are wearing light-coloured clothes; dark colors attract the sun’s rays and on the way to work we can get sweaty; in addition, light colors simply look better in summer;

extra coat – many workplaces are air-conditioned, so it is worth having a jacket at your desk to cover your shoulders and make your outfit more formal;

extra shoes – you may come to work in sandals or flip-flops and change them for a spare pair of stilettos.

Office dress code and a dress – which one to choose in the summer?

During summer vacations many women opt for dresses, which are not only very comfortable and airy, but also easy to style. Of course, they can also be worn to the office, but not shorter than to the knees (the same applies to skirts).

A great choice are shamrocks, i.e. shirt dresses with buttons only at the top or along the entire length – then we must remember to fasten them all, so that there is no slit exposing the legs.

You can also opt for other models – looser, not adhering to the body, flowy, flared, so that the air can circulate freely between the material and our skin. No extravagant cuts, only classic ones in neutral colors.

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