Sewing machine and overlock – are they useful at home?
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Sewing machine and overlock – are they useful at home?

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In the days of communist Poland, when it was very difficult to buy clothes in stores, almost every housewife had her sewing machine to create outfits for the family out of available materials. Now, in the era of fast fashion and fashion chains, there is no problem with access to clothes that fit the latest trends, so seemingly sewing tools are no longer needed. Nothing more misleading! We present the reasons why it is worth having a machine and overlock at home

Alterations of clothes

Surely you know the kind of regret when it turns out that your favorite dress or shirt no longer fits you. In this situation, unless you have a sewing machine, you have two options: give it to a seamstress for alterations and pay as much as you would for new clothes or give the clothes to a friend or to a clothing collection.

However, if you have a Janome sewing machine at home, you can bust the dress at the seams yourself to increase its size, or sew it tighter to decrease it. Considering how many clothes you can wear this way for much longer, how many clothes you won’t buy because it won’t be necessary, plus how much you’ll save on alterations at the tailor’s, the cost of buying the machine will pay for itself very quickly.

Repairing your clothes

Torn jeans, a hole in your favorite blouse or a worn out coat don’t have to mean the end of a garment’s life. If you have a sewing machine at home, you can easily sew and repair clothes that usually end up in the trash. The problem with mass-produced clothes, such as those from popular chain stores, is that the seams often come apart. If a seam rips, it usually means that the garment is completely ripped in two

If the fabric of your outfit is very delicate or elastic and difficult to sew without further damage, you will need a Janome overlock. This machine is specially designed for sewing with safety stitch, so even a thin tricot can be sewn together without any problem and without worrying that the eyelets will fly in the fabric. Of course, most of the materials can also be sewn by hand, however, hand stitching is much more time consuming and less accurate

Sewing your own clothes

Sewing machine is also a great way to start the adventure of designing your own clothes. Are you afraid that you won’t manage? Relax! At the beginning, choose a machine with less advanced capabilities and functions. Learning period is the time when you won’t be using the most complicated stitches and using unobvious options anyway.

Janome Juno e1019 machine is an ideal model for beginners, it has all the basic functions and some additional ones, thanks to which its capabilities are sufficient for many years of sewing and altering clothes. Even the most basic model of the machine allows you to complete a wide range of projects, and if the machine allows it, over time you can buy add-ons for the model you already own and upgrade it with more features

Sewing your own clothes is the best way to express yourself and give vent to your creativity. You can learn how to use a sewing machine really quickly and some fabrics are really forgiving, so it’s a great choice for beginners. Remember, if you make a mistake you can always rip out the seam and make it again, nothing lost! Sewing can be a really great activity and a very practical skill.

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