What clothes and accessories are worth buying from a vintage shop?
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What clothes and accessories are worth buying from a vintage shop?

Vintage clothing and accessories are becoming increasingly popular in recent years. This is associated both with the return of fashion for retro climates, as well as the development of less waste and slow fashion movements.

More and more of us, instead of shopping in chain stores and contributing to the development of consumerism and overproduction, opt for vintage clothing.

Where to look for vintage clothes and accessories?

Here are some places where you can stock up on vintage clothing and accessories:

  • Luxury fashion consignments – these are dedicated to the most demanding customers looking for the highest quality clothing. Persons running this type of commissaries very carefully select hit them clothes and accessories, verifying their originality and choosing only real gems;
  • Second hand shops – places with vintage clothing at affordable prices, which for years have enjoyed unflagging popularity among fashion lovers;
  • Vintage shops – they differ from second hand shops in that the available goods are selected beforehand. Here you can find high quality clothes and accessories at slightly higher prices;
  • Sales portals – one of the most popular places of this type in our country is Vintage. It is a very convenient alternative to stationary stores, as you can shop there 24 hours a day;
  • Thematic groups in social media – they bring together fashion lovers who want to buy or sell vintage gems;
  • Vintage fashion fairs – once a few months, in the largest Polish cities are held events where companies specializing in vintage fashion exhibit their products.

What things in vintage style is worth hunting for?

Searching for clothes and accessories in a vintage climate can be pure pleasure, provided that you know what to look for. It is worth sticking to one of the following strategies:

  1. Search for branded, luxury items – luxury fashion stores offer a wide selection of top quality products of this type. In a significant part of cases, they are in almost perfect condition and their price is much lower than new clothes.
  2. Looking for items from past eras – a lot of people looking for clothes and accessories in a vintage climate focus on second-hand products from chain stores. This is a mistake. Their quality leaves much to be desired and you can not be sure that they will serve their new owner for a long time. What is more, they do not carry any interesting history, which makes it hard to call them gems. A recommended tactic is to look for clothing and accessories from past eras that are currently in vogue.
  3. Looking for local gems – often when looking for original vintage clothing, you need to go to the country where the type of clothing originated. For example, sweaters with Norwegian patterns or cowboy boots associated with the United States.
  4. Looking for items to complete your closet – for vintage shopping it is best to go with a pre-prepared list of essentials that should be in your closet. It is worth betting on timeless clothes, which will look good today, as well as in a few seasons.
  5. Looking for original accessories – in vintage style can be maintained not only clothes, but also accessories such as jewelry, scarves, scarves and hats. This is a proven way to give your styling an original character.

Why shop in vintage shops?

Shopping in vintage shops has a ton of benefits. It’s a chance to get some real luxury gems at an affordable price. Very often for the highest quality clothes from the most famous designers we will pay less than for new clothes from the chain store, which quality often leaves much to be desired. It is also impossible not to mention here that the value of vintage clothes and accessories increases over time, which makes it an extremely profitable investment.


Main photo: Karolina Grabowska/ pexels.com

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