Winter wedding accessories – we suggest which ones to bet on
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Winter wedding accessories – we suggest which ones to bet on

Getting ready for a wedding in a winter setting? Fantastic! Check out which accessories should attract your attention.

Wedding in the winter scenery

Although the highest wedding season in our climate is from May to September, not everyone decides to get married during the spring and summer months. There are still some people who want to say “I do” to each other in an amazing winter setting. And it doesn’t surprise us at all, because it’s soooo romantic! In addition, due to the lower popularity of such dates, you can count on favorable discounts from service providers

We see many advantages here. The winter bride also has a wide range of possibilities when it comes to styling. Your look will be unforgettable – trust us! Check out which accessories are perfect for you.


We cannot imagine a winter bride without a suitable outer garment. Even in summer you should be prepared for less favourable weather conditions, and in winter it is certain that you will need something else to put on your wedding dress. What do we suggest? There are quite a few options. On top are various fur coats and jackets – you can easily find something artificial at a good price. Fur looks lovely with a wedding dress, even in the form of an etoli


Although gloves in case of summer wedding styles are mostly considered a relic of the past, the case is different with winter weddings. In this case, gloves can be made a huge asset! Every winter bride should consider just such an accessory. For example, maybe charming lace gloves are a good option? They can go well with the elements of your wedding dress. You can also bet on something with glitter or even sequin accents

Jewelry for a winter wedding – what kind?

The sparkles you choose for your winter wedding should first and foremost match your wedding dress. However, you can point out what kind of jewelry will work best with the winter scenery. You should definitely choose jewelry with sparkle!

Matte earrings or a necklace are a very stylish accessory, but they are no substitute for jewelry that sparkles beautifully among falling snowflakes. Any hanging earrings with crystals are an interesting option – such an accessory can resemble icicles. Admit it, it can make an amazing impression!

Shoes for the wedding in winter

Another very important issue when it comes to wedding accessories is, of course, shoes. Winter brides go for a variety of options, which even include warm boots or boots. However, if you dream of more classic shoes, we see no problem. However, for obvious reasons, it is better that they are covered stilettos or pumps. December, January or February are not the best months for stylish sandals, even the most beautiful ones.

Wedding make-up

Should make-up for a wedding in winter should be different from what you would choose if you were getting married in summer months? First of all, remember that you don’t have to do anything. It’s your day to express yourself. However, we have a few tips on how to make sure your wedding makeup doesn’t disappear amidst the winter weather, but makes you stand out even more on that day

For sure the element that draws attention are lips in a strong color. Red or maroon will work great! If you prefer pink shades, fuchsia is an appealing color. Or maybe you prefer a stronger accent on the eyes? Winter wedding makeup with a line on the eyelid – a dream!

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