How to paint yourself in hot weather?

How to paint yourself in hot weather?

We were all looking forward to the longed-for summer and warm sunny days. Unfortunately, hot weather and 30 degrees on the thermometer are not the conditions that are conducive to a perfect look. But there are a few makeup tricks you can use to make sure that even extremely hot temperatures don’t ruin your makeup. Check out the tried and tested ways to make sure your holiday look is always fabulous and fresh

The basis of a successful make-up look in hot weather is the use of suitable cosmetics. For the summer season it is best not to use heavy-duty products and to replace them with those with a light and delicate formula. An opaque foundation can be easily replaced with a BB cream and makeup can be finished with a mineral powder. Many summer makeup artists opt for waterproof eye makeup. This way you can be sure that your perfect eyeliner or mascara will not fade in the heat. Instead of traditional eye shadow, it is better to use colored cosmetics in cream

How to do heat-resistant makeup?

High temperatures do not mean that you should stop wearing makeup. There are many make-up products, which will look great on your skin even in very hot weather. Remember to start your make-up with a sunscreen as a base. Instead of using several layers of cosmetics, it is better to choose those whose coverage is quite strong, so we can cover discoloration and imperfections. A great way to look more glamorous is to contour your face using wet products. This will give your makeup a very natural look

Watch the video and learn some more makeup tricks to create a heat-resistant makeup look


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