Remember hair rollers? The fashion for using them is coming back, and we'll tell you how to use them properly

Remember hair rollers? The fashion for using them is coming back, and we'll tell you how to use them properly

The sight of women of all ages with rollers in their hair surprised no one. We also saw them often in movies and TV series. Then hearing about them disappeared, but… they’re back! Check out how to put rollers on your hair step by step for a stunning effect. Use our tips and enjoy a salon-like hairstyle!

Hair rollers – what are they used for?

It might seem that straighteners and curling irons have dominated the styling of our hair. However, many women are aware of the harmful effects of high temperatures on strands. In search of healthier alternatives, hair rollers have once again come into use, so fashion has come full circle again.

Hair rollers come in a wide variety of sizes, each of which will produce a slightly different effect. Their primary function, of course, is to achieve curls – small, classic or more like Hollywood waves. Very large rollers are great for bouncing hair from the roots, giving it XXL volume.

How to curl hair with rollers – step-by-step instructions

It’s best to apply rollers to damp hair, because the twist will be much better than with dry hair. Beforehand, it is worth applying, for example, a curl activator to make styling easier, or at least a mousse. Each strand must be combed thoroughly beforehand. Curl them carefully – not forgetting the ends – and perpendicular to the head. Once the hair is dry, carefully remove the rollers and lightly comb the curls with your fingers. Spray the whole thing with hairspray to prolong the life of the hairstyle.

You can also roll only half the length of your hair or just the ends on rollers. Then you will refresh your look and give your strands a three-dimensional look. To get the most volume without a visible twist, roll your hair on four to six rollers with a diameter of 10-15 centimeters and blow-dry. For best results, spray lightly with hairspray, even before removing the rollers.

Bonus: silk hair roller

Finally, we have a bonus piece of information. Namely, it is about the hit of recent months, namely the oblong silk roller. It is very gentle and does not affect the hair structure in any way. Depending on whether you want curls or waves, you will wind the individual strands slightly differently. The roller is quite soft, so once the ends are tied off, you can easily sleep in it.

So, which rollers will you use? Find out how beautifully you can style your hair – and without heat. Just remember that hair can take quite a long time to dry, so if you don’t want to sleep in the rollers, it’s best to leave them in for at least an hour. Otherwise, the strands may straighten faster. When you’re short on time and want curls or raised hair quickly, use a hair dryer. Just control it so you don’t use too hot a blower. On top of that, still pay attention to how long your strands are and then choose rollers that are large and wide enough.

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