Once forbidden, now coveted. We suggest which seemingly incongruous items are now hot

Once forbidden, now coveted. We suggest which seemingly incongruous items are now hot

While it used to be that putting on certain pieces of clothing would be considered a faux pas, today they are considered fashion chic! It’s hard to keep up with today’s trends. Check out these unlikely combinations and unusual looks that are the hit of the season

Fashion is very unobvious and unpredictable. It is constantly changing and evolving. What was once considered unfashionable may now be a style hit, and conversely, current trends may soon be a faux pas. We show you which seemingly incompatible items can create an interesting look.

Surprising color combinations that are right on trend

Mixing different colors together is certainly an art, but it is worthwhile as a game. Especially since modern fashion is very liberal in this regard and encourages you to play with colors and to experiment

Once it would be unthinkable to combine pink and red, yellow and blue, or navy and black – now there is no problem with that. What is more, designers even encourage such combinations. The biggest fashion houses in the world present models wearing e.g. a candy pink blouse and blood red pants, or a navy blue turtleneck and a black skirt. When it comes to colors, you can really do anything these days

In the past, dressing head-to-toe in one color was not welcome either. In the 21st century, world-renowned stars love to wear total outfits in one color. And we must admit, they look great in them!

Airy dresses and heavy boots are a real hit nowadays!

A dozen or so years ago it would have been unthinkable to wear an airy dress and heavy black ankle boots. Today it is the most popular trend, loved by models, celebrities and all fashionable women. A chiffon, silk, lightweight dress can easily be matched with heavy black slippers or ankle boots. What’s more, the whole outfit should be complemented with a black leather jacket with interesting patches. This look undoubtedly adds a lot of spice. Interestingly, summer dresses used to be worn only in summer, with delicate sandals and possibly a straw hat. Today they can also be worn in winter. There are also no contraindications to wearing a floral dress with a down jacket when it is freezing outside. Stylists encourage such solutions, emphasizing that thanks to them there is no need to change closet from summer to winter and vice versa. With the right combination you can wear the same clothes all year round. It used to be unthinkable!

Thick sweater and skirt

A long, light, pleated skirt and a thick, knitted sweater is the perfect combination for the 2020/2021 winter season. You can also put on colorful, thick tights. Karin Teigl, the author of the fashion blog Constantly K, and Veronika Heilbrunner, who is known for her unique style, recommend wearing a skirt and sweater. In this case, go for unobvious colors such as mustard-coloured top and blue bottom

Combine two patterns? Of course you can!

Nowadays more and more women choose to mix different patterns and textures. Mixing two animal prints? Stripes and checks? No problem! But how to do it to look really stylish? There is no single method, but experts recommend choosing patterns that are similar in color but different in shade, contrasting different inversions (e.g. a black skirt with white check and white pants with black check). The dominant print should be combined with one, maximum two patterned accents, e.g. a scarf or a belt. Everyone can create their own unique and original look


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