How to wear glitter from head to toe?
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How to wear glitter from head to toe?

What do you associate the carnival with? Partying, joy, or glitter? If you have chosen the third one, you should read this article. Here, we tell you what you can do to sparkle and look your best at the same time.

1. Glittery Face Make-up

Makeup is an art form in which you can sneak glitter into every element. Let’s start with the face, because a glowing complexion and contouring with a highlighter are an ongoing makeup trend. All you need is an illuminating foundation, powder with a satin finish and a highlighter that leaves a reflective sheet

The next element of your make-up is your eyes – here you can go wild if you want! Shimmering shadows, glittery lines and pigments, illuminated inner corners. For those of you who love total glitter there are also blushes and bronzers with particles. What’s more, to intensify the glow, choose a gloss instead of a matte lipstick.

2. A glittering dress, blouse or skirt

During the carnival season, you will find plenty of clothes filled with glitter in the market. It’s very possible that you even have some in your closet. If you think they are too daring or kitsch, don’t be! You can go ahead and wear them

If you like glitter, Carnival time is certainly your favourite time of the year. But remember not to overdo it. If you choose to buy a dress completely covered in glitter – wear matte tights with it. If you wear a sequined blouse, go for a classic bottom and vice versa. Of course, this is just a suggestion because fashion is all about having fun and expressing yourself.

3. Glowing accessories and accessories

Besides makeup and clothes, accessories are of course an important element of your closet. It is they from each styling, even the most classic, can make extravagant. Today, almost in every store we can get them with elements of glitter

Let’s start with the bag – you can opt for a glittery one, but also for the lacquered one. Both options will be good. Next, jewelry – the choice of the glittering one is huge. Different shapes, colors and a varied price range make it possible for each of us to afford something in her style. What will you choose – earrings, bracelet, necklace or maybe all at once? If you’re adventurous, let yourself go wild!

4. Glitter Jacket

Glitter is not just glitter and sequins. It is also a lacquered material that reflects light. Jackets with such a finish are very fashionable this season. On the streets and at fashion shows we can find many proposals of wearing such coats. It goes well with jeans, but also looks great when matched with a dress. You will find many proposals in chain stores – from short, waist-length jackets to those long, almost ankle-length. The former will go great with shiny boots!

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