Long chains – how to wear them during the day and in the evening?
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Long chains – how to wear them during the day and in the evening?

Chains and necklaces are indispensable accessories for both everyday and evening outfits. They complement elegant and sporty outfits as well as crazy party outfits. However, the rules of combining and styling jewelry are slightly different during the day and in the evening, i.e., after 5 p.m. See how to wear and match chains in different situations.

Chains during the Day

You can complete your daily outfit for work or lunch out on the town with a plain, even empty chain. If you don’t want to wear a pendant on it it’s better to go for a thicker chain, which will stand out against your clothes. Short strings of chain work best with dresses. Here the rule is – the longer the dress, the longer the chain. For a mini dress you can go with jewelry resembling a choker. On the other hand, long chains will suit pants and, for example, a jacket. Long necklaces are quite modern, so choosing such an accessory will make your whole outfit more contemporary.

For an office look a double necklace is a great accessory. Mixing and layering jewelry is a very fashionable trend. Not only the difference in length, but also in color will create an intriguing effect. Interesting jewelry is a way to diversify even the simplest outfit. Even a white T-shirt and black pants in combination with well chosen accessories can become a catwalk style.

Chains and necklaces for evening outfits

For more elegant and classic outfits it is best to match short and medium length chains. Evening dresses require a more subdued style of jewelry, because they are usually decorative in themselves. Choose a modest necklace for a lace or heavily glittering dress, and for a ball gown with a richly embellished bodice, forgo neck and neckline decoration. In the case of crystal embellishments on top of the dress, earrings are much better.

If you decide not to wear a dress to the party, you can safely choose a long chain to such a styling. Pants have different rules, so long jewelry with overalls or suit will look phenomenal. By accessorizing with jewelry you avoid the risk of creating an outfit that is not elegant enough. A simple suit combined with a long chain can become more impressive than a ball gown. A huge selection of jewelry for every occasion and every outfit is offered by online jeweler.

How to combine jewelry?

The rule is only one and very simple to remember – one kind of jewelry above the waist, one kind below. If you want to wear a set of accessories, do not combine earrings and necklace and bracelets and rings. Too much accumulation of trinkets in one place (around the face or on the hand) may make the effect unsightly or even kitschy. Earrings or neckline ornaments should be styled with hand ornaments and vice versa. An exception may be very delicate jewelry, which will not dominate the creation and will not overwhelm you with trinkets.

As Marilyn Monroe sang – diamonds are a girl’s best friend. There is something in it! Jewelry is a versatile way to change any outfit and add class to every day and every holiday. Ordinary work outfit does not have to be boring, thanks to a necklace jeans and jacket will change into an interesting and tasteful look. On the other hand, for bigger outings, jewelry will be a classic and elegant accessory that will make you shine.


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