How to wear boho style?
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How to wear boho style?

Boho style was popularized by artistic communities that demonstrated their disdain for the prevailing rules and conventions. Among such communities counted freedom and expression of their individual style. Currently it is one of the most fashionable trends in both fashion and interior design. Styling in boho style is a perfect proposal for various types of music festivals or picnics, but more and more often you can also see it as a part of street fashion. Do you want to start your adventure with boho inspired outfits? Check where to start

Boho style has been in trends for years. Its popularity is due to the fact that it is timeless and has a universal character. Boho dresses suit young girls as well as middle-aged women and even senior citizens. The style draws from the 1970s, where it was worn mainly by hippies

Spring 2021 is the perfect time to experiment and play with fashion, and boho styles are perfect for this. Different colors, interesting patterns and inspiring cuts are the criteria to follow when completing your closet. Boho clothing is not only individual, original and interesting in design, but also very feminine

5 tips on how to wear boho style

  1. Loosen up

Bohemian hairstyles are the epitome of casualness and lightness. Do you want to express your personal style, rather than trying to recreate the same style as what is sold by the fashion retailers? Airy dresses, oversized leather jackets, and interesting accessories help you create original combinations. You don’t have to give up all the clothes in your closet right away. A proven solution is to incorporate boho elements into your everyday outfits. It could be high heeled boots, a maxi skirt or a cowboy hat

  1. Be inspired by nature

Boho style draws inspiration from nature and the environment. Browsing Instagram, you can see girls who use floral garlands or decorations resembling bird feathers in their styles. It is worth betting on clothes made of linen, wool or organic cotton. More and more people pay attention to where the clothes come from and whether they were produced in an ecological and sustainable way

  1. Do not limit your creativity

Boho does not accept limitations and fitting into rigid frames or schemes. That is why, when creating your outfit, let your imagination run wild. Don’t be afraid to stand out from the crowd and put on things you have always liked, but never had the courage to wear them. Choose ethnic or floral patterns, play with a whole range of colors and try different, even seemingly crazy solutions

  1. Don’t give up on vintage clothes

In vintage shops and second-hand stores you can find real gems that fit perfectly into the boho style. Play your own stylist and go in search of one-of-a-kind styles. Give each style a chance, but before buying think whether you have clothes in your closet that match the item. Go through your mom’s closet from her youth, because boho style loves flashbacks and often refers to earlier eras.

  1. Opt for unconventional accessories

Don’t forget about accessories, they make the styling more original. Boho offers us a whole range of interesting solutions. It is worth to get XXL bag, which is a hit of this season or choose something more subtle, such as wicker basket. Interesting decorations will be jewellery accessories, hand-made necklaces, garlands or wooden earrings. Do you want to look impressive? Add a wide belt to an airy dress, and put a stylish scarf on your head. Any outfit will be completed with cowboy boots, which have not gone out of style for a few seasons now. The trend for spring 2021 will be stylish clogs, which perfectly fit the boho style

Here’s a pinch of inspiration straight from Pinterest


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