Although they used to be a symbol of cliché, today they rule the trends. Here's how to wear square-toe shoes

Although they used to be a symbol of cliché, today they rule the trends. Here's how to wear square-toe shoes

Shoes with square toes are not often chosen in shoe stores. Despite this, it is worth taking a closer interest in them, as they are currently conquering the world’s fashion runways.

First of all comfort

Square noses may seem more bulky and massive than almond or round finish shoes. Nothing could be further from the truth! A square toe in well-made and tailored shoes can be just as subtle and delicate. For those struggling with hypersensitive and wide feet, this type of shoe can prove to be a savior, as it avoids the feeling of discomfort and pinched toes. Thanks to shoes with a square toe, we will get a unique and original styling


Square toe pumps may be associated with shoes for professional dancers. Not without reason! As it was mentioned before, these shoes do not cause pressure and are very comfortable during long workouts on the dance floor. However, if dancing is just a leisure activity for you or you avoid it like hell, there’s nothing stopping you from wearing square toe shoes on a daily basis, for example to work. This type of shoes will go well with office suits, and if you choose a heel, it will make your legs look even slimmer

For the bride

Elegant pumps or slippers with a square toe are the perfect choice for a bride. In this type of shoes, the newlywed wife will be able to spend long hours on her feet, without worrying about chafing or pain in the toes. Thanks to the straps, the shoe will hold steadily on the leg, and the bride will ensure herself a unique and fashionable look.


Ballerinas are a great alternative to high stilettos and heels. In order not to put too much strain on your legs, it is worth replacing the heel with a flat sole from time to time. With the help of ballerinas, which are suitable both for more elegant occasions and everyday outfits. Square toe ballerinas paired with your favorite jeans will create the perfect outfit just in time for your daily run. And shoes with square toes will ensure that your feet don’t feel signs of fatigue at the end of the day

Boots and boots

Another shoes that have been adorning the square toe lately are boots. Some of them are made of leather with animal print – a strong trend last winter, which will surely continue to be popular in a few months. This type of shoes should be matched with high-waisted jeans with shortened, raw-edged leg – straight or wide. When it comes to shoes with animal motifs, remember not to mix several different prints in one outfit, as it is easy to achieve a kitsch effect. Instead, match them with a short, loose dress of a solid color. If you are hiding a rock soul, this type of shoes combined with a black leather ramones will create a strong and unique look

Sandals and flip-flops

The hit of the upcoming spring and summer! Sandals and flip-flops with a square front are a must-have for every fashion fanatic and shoe geek for the warmer days. Instagram is already flooded with photos of summer styles that complement sandals or flip-flops with a square toe. These shoes are perfect for short dresses or skirts, making your legs appear visually elongated and slender. Also try pairing these shoes with floral or frilly boho dresses. Sandals and flip-flops in pastel colors are perfect for summer walks, and combined with a miniskirt they will make you feel extremely fashionable and special


Main photo: Isa Foltin/ German Select/ Getty Images

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