How to fit pants to your figure?
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How to fit pants to your figure?

Hourglass, pear, apple, column? No matter what type of figure you are, you can wear different pants. We checked when a certain cut looks great and when it does not.

Styling suitable for your figure can do wonders – emphasize your assets, balance your proportions and hide any weaknesses. Of course, it works both ways – with clothes we can disturb the proportions and emphasize what we want to hide. It is similar with pants. Many of us cannot imagine a closet without a few pairs.

It is worth to know how to match them to your figure to look the best – and this is influenced by many factors. There are a lot of styles available on the market and you can simply get lost in them. We have prepared practical tips that will help you buy perfectly tailored pants for the most popular body types.


This is the most desired figure, defined as ideal – shoulders and hips are the same width, the bust is large, and the waist is well-defined. Hourglasses can wear almost any cut of pants, but must be careful not to accidentally disrupt their proportions.

A round bottom and strong legs will not always look good in very wide legs – the silhouette will then appear visually heavy and squat. The same goes for pumpy pants. As for low-rise and ankle-length trousers, they may shorten legs.

However, classic drainpipes, cigarette pants, bell-bottoms and straight-legged pants will be perfect. It is important to choose high waist to emphasize narrow waist, preferably with a belt.


Small shoulders and bust, but bigger lower part of the body, mainly belly and hips. How to balance this disproportion? It’s worth to focus, as for the hourglass shape, on emphasizing the waist, but also on shapely bottom, masking wider thighs and hips at the same time.

It is better to skip jeans, which will only emphasize differences in the body, as well as 7/8 length pants. Beware of the belt – it will attract attention to an unwanted place.

On the other hand, pants with straight or slightly flared calf-length legs and with high waist will be a great choice. You can also look for boyfriends. Darker colors of pants are recommended – black, navy blue or graphite.


Apples have very shapely legs, but a bigger belly, hips and bottom. A protruding belly can also be a remnant of pregnancy.

Here – as with pears – it is better to avoid decorative belts or other ornaments, which draw the eye to the problem area. Also rump waists are out of the question.

It is worth to choose high-waisted models, which cover everything beautifully. As legs are great, we emphasize them with skinny jeans or pants, or even jeggings, cigarette pants or chinos.

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Finally, there is the H-shaped figure with shoulders, waist and hips of almost the same width. It is also referred to as a boyish figure because of the lack of curves. Pipes emphasize all that.

However, you may safely choose pants with various appliqués, bows, expressive belts or other decorations, which will optically add volume to hips. Wear mom jeans, bell-bottoms, paper bag, balloon pants and other, even the most unusual cuts.

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