What do you massage your face with and why do you need to do it every day?
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What do you massage your face with and why do you need to do it every day?

Recently, facial massage has become increasingly popular. No wonder – this treatment effectively rejuvenates, relaxes and is a great alternative to botox. In addition, massage facilitates the absorption of ingredients from cosmetics that we use. Find out why it is worth doing and how to perform such a treatment

Facial massage – what effects does it have?

First of all, it should be noted that facial massage helps to relax and unwind after a hard day. This is one of its most important benefits, but right next to it stands facilitating the absorption of the cosmetics used. It also helps remove toxins from the body, prevents skin aging and sagging. In addition, it brightens the skin and smooths out wrinkles.

Why Should I Massage My Face Every Day?

We can consider facial massage as a kind of training for its muscles, and as we know – in training the most important thing is regularity. If you skip this treatment a few days in a row – you will lose the effects achieved earlier. You can also incorporate massage into your skincare routine, in which regularity is also most important. Decide that you will do it every day after makeup removal in the evening and try to keep to it

How long should a facial massage take?

It should be at least five minutes. To make the time more enjoyable, you can listen to music, your favorite podcast or watch a TV series while doing it.

What cosmetics should I choose as massage aids?

Facial massage works best when combined with skin care products. Especially for the effect we mentioned above – it will facilitate their absorption, but they will also provide adequate glide, which will make the whole procedure easier.

What should I use for a massage?

1. Hands

Each of us has them and at any time she can run them – her hands. You can perform such a massage practically whenever you feel like it. In addition, it is easy to control the amount of pressure you apply. Just remember to wash and disinfect your hands thoroughly before the massage

2. Jade Roller

The jade roller has gained a lot of popularity in recent times. It is made, as the name suggests, of jade or quartz. Asians call them “stones of youth”. The secret of their effect is the coolness they exude. They close pores and improve circulation, and they also reduce dark circles under the eyes and wrinkles. It is not an expensive gadget and it is available in almost every drugstore, so it is worth getting one and trying it out

3. Chinese bubble

Chinese bubble massage belongs to Asian massages. Its action is based on the properties of vacuum. To perform such a massage you need silicone or glass Chinese bubbles. They are sucked into the skin and then moved, which stimulates circulation, reduces inflammation, smoothes the complexion and relaxes facial muscles

4. Sonic toothbrush

This kind of toothbrush is known for being used to clean the face. It also has a great massaging effect. By washing your face with this type of gadget, you make your skin softer and smoother, cosmetics will be better absorbed and your face will be firmer.

Main Photo: Antonia Chanel/unsplash.com

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