How to wear dresses with ruffles?
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How to wear dresses with ruffles?

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Summer is coming, and as the temperatures rise, we pull summer clothes out of our closets. Many summer dresses have colorful patterns, embellishments and ruffles. These rich embellishments sometimes become problematic when it comes to pairing them with other pieces of clothing and accessories. See how to wear dresses with ruffles.

How to wear ruffles with blazers?

It can be difficult to match a blazer or bedspread with a dress with ruffles. Frills, especially on the upper part of the dress, make any jackets, boleros or sweaters stand out unsightly and do not sit well on the body. If you need to wear something warmer over your frilly dress, it’s best if it’s something loose-fitting that won’t hug you. Such jackets and sweaters will look most beneficial. Also, bedspreads that aren’t too tight won’t squish the ruffles on your dress. An evening dress that is meant to look phenomenal throughout the party will pair best with a shawl draped over your shoulders.

How to choose accessories for a dress with ruffles?

If your dress has ruffles on top, avoid large beads and necklaces. Additional embellishment on already ornate dresses can create a kitsch effect that is better avoided. Similarly, if the frills are on the skirt of the dress, do not wear large bracelets or eye-catching rings. Accessories and jewelry complement what the clothes themselves lack. Lavish embellishments combined with trinkets and accessories are not the best idea unless you want a comical effect.

The right handbag for a dress with ruffles is also a conundrum. Frills are rather girly, so a big bag can overwhelm them and, moreover, it will clash with the light style of the dress. For everyday use it is best to bet on small bags on a long strap, which will go well with a dress and will add character to the styling with their slightly retro look. For bigger occasions, with evening dresses, the safest choice will be a classic clutch bag, which will fit all the necessary things, but it will not dominate the creation, and will only be a subtle decoration.

When is it best to choose a dress with frills?

Frills, like other decorations on clothes, attract the eye. That is why they optically enlarge the places where they are placed. Frills at the top of dresses are great for ladies with small breasts, who would like to optically enlarge it. The same frilled bottom of the dress will widen the hips and emphasize the buttocks. If you have very narrow hips or flat buttocks, bet on a flared dress with frills.

On the other hand, women with large breasts and wide hips, should rather avoid frills, so as not to enlarge these areas of the body. Of course, if that is not their intention. A large bust looks fantastic in an envelope neckline, while wide hips look great in light, flowing fabrics and cuts.

The choice of clothes and accessories is obviously a matter of taste. There are, however, a few simple rules to keep in mind that will help you create gorgeous and fashionable outfits both for everyday wear and for special occasions. Of course, all of our suggestions can be modified to suit your style and your personal taste. Fashion is not mathematics, there are no rigid rules and patterns. Remember not to be afraid to experiment and play with trends. Wear what you feel good in, because self-confidence is your greatest adornment.


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