Wedding lingerie – what should I consider when buying it?
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Wedding lingerie – what should I consider when buying it?

This special day in your life requires an exceptional setting. Every detail during the wedding and reception must be perfected – do not forget about the beautiful lingerie, in which you will feel maximum comfort.

On the wedding day we want to look special

Many women look forward to this wonderful day. When the wedding is fast approaching, we can finally realize our visions. Choosing a wedding dress often takes a long time, we also pay a lot of attention to the accessories. Shoes, veil, jewelry – are chosen to match the dress. The same goes for makeup and hairstyle. All this should be planned long before the ceremony. The same goes for buying underwear. It is not worth leaving it for the last moment. It is not a good idea to leave it to the last minute. The lingerie should perfectly match the chosen dress, and it cannot be uncomfortable. Of course, it also has to be beautiful. How to achieve all that?

Let’s start with color

On this day, let go of colored underwear and in the color of the dress. Just because the creation is white, does not mean that this is what the wedding underwear should be. Here experts agree! It is worth betting on neutral lingerie in flesh color, which will perfectly match the color of your skin and will be practically invisible under the dress. And that’s exactly the point. Even if it seems that white panties and bra are invisible, you may be very surprised after seeing the wedding photos.

The wedding bra is a challenge

Wedding dresses have a way of being very different from the everyday clothes we choose. Corsets, cut-out backs, custom necklines – these are all commonplace with the creations available in bridal fashion stores. Choosing a bra, which will be comfortable and fulfill its role, is quite a challenge. Some brides consult the salon, where they buy their dresses – sometimes people working there are able to reliably advise and sell the right product. It is also a good idea in this case to use the services of a professional bra fitter, who will choose the right size and cut of the bra. When choosing a wedding bra, it is worth to match it to the neckline and the way the back of the dress is cut out.

Panties for the wedding – what cut will be suitable?

In case of panties for the wedding the most important issue will also be the choice of cut. Panties, thongs, shorts – the choice is an individual matter, especially in the case of dresses with a spreading bottom. If the wedding dress is fitted, the matter becomes a little more complicated. The safest choice will be seamless flesh-colored panties with a slightly higher waist. This type of panties is comfortable and it models your figure wonderfully

Do not forget about a bathrobe, too

We suggest adding a beautiful robe to your shopping list, which will surely come in handy during the preparations. Especially if you plan a photographer and cameraman at home. It can be a typically wedding model, for example, with an inscription, but also something a bit more universal, such as a robe finished with lace, which will come in handy many times.


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