How to choose a jacket according to your figure?
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How to choose a jacket according to your figure?

It might seem that we usually choose a dress, skirt or pants to match our figure. It turns out, however, that we should do the same when choosing a jacket. There are many models, cuts and colors in stores, however not every one will fit us well. So what to consider, what to look for and how to find a perfect jacket for your figure? We suggest!

Which jacket is right for a pear-shaped woman?

Finding the perfect jacket for your figure is not as easy as it may seem at first glance. Winter jackets are particularly problematic as wrong cut and volume may add several kilograms. Especially women with pear-shaped figure, where shoulders and bust are narrower than hips, should beware of that.

It is important to optically balance the disproportions and mask the more massive body parts. Jackets of all types with slightly longer cut, reaching halfway to the thighs or to the knees, should not be tight at the bottom. Models with a large hood, enlarging the shoulder line, and large lapels are also ideal.

Pears are strongly advised not to wear short jackets, ending at the waist or slightly above the hips. Then they will attract attention exactly where we do not want it.

The perfect hourglass figure – does every jacket fit?

Hourglass figure is defined as an ideal silhouette, where shoulders and hips are the same width, bust larger and shapely, plus a strong waistline

Perfect proportions definitely make it easier to choose individual pieces of clothing, while in case of jackets the best are those with an emphasized waist, with a belt or stitching in this area

Oversized models will cover and distort the figure. As well as large collars, breast pockets or epaulettes on shoulders.

How to choose a jacket for an apple with a big belly?

The apple figure is characterized by fairly broad shoulders, lack of waistline and protruding belly. At the same time shapely legs are an asset and should be emphasized. What jackets are best for this figure? Short, reaching hips, oversized, slightly tapered at the bottom, rather without decorations and strong quilting and without belts.

Column silhouette – which jacket will be perfect?

Lastly, we took into account a slim, straight silhouette, with no visible curves, including no waistline. Here we recommend bomber jackets and those with large pockets on the bust, as well as those with a slightly flared bottom and a belt. Beware of oversized cuts, which may put too much weight on the figure.

Jacket color and body type – does it matter

If we already know which jackets best fit our silhouette, we still need to pay attention to the color. As we know, dark hides, light highlights. So if you do not want to attract attention to your shoulders, do not opt for light colors in this area. And vice versa – if you want to round out your curves a bit, pastel colors will be just right.

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