Pink is the new black. How to wear it without looking like a Barbie doll?
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Pink is the new black. How to wear it without looking like a Barbie doll?

Among the color trends of this season pink appeared most often. This color also fell in love with street fashion. How do you create outfits in pink without looking like a little girl or a Barbie doll? Here are some fabulous inspirations for wearing pink in your closet

Pink is a very feminine color, which symbolizes girl power, feminist values, but also support for people suffering from breast and cervical cancer. Pink is no longer associated only with kitschy hairstyles, and more and more often it is used as a significant element of collections of famous and respected designers. Pink allows to create unique outfits in many shades – from delicate and pale shades of powder pink to strong and saturated amaranth or fuchsia

As stylists emphasize, pink allows us to express our emotions with outfits. We can wear it when we want to feel innocent and girly. It is a great shade to express joy and excitement, therefore it is perfect for all kinds of joyful celebrations. Above all, however, it is a color in which we feel very feminine and sensual. In the 18th century pink was worn by both women and men. It was the color of the aristocracy to emphasize exceptional birth and wealth

Pink is now firmly back in fashion and pop culture. Many people reach for it when completing their styling, because it combines well with other colors. Intense, striking and powerful – this is what a stylish look with pink should be. Check out how to use pink for your outfit and look smart and nonchalant in 2021

How to wear pink? 7 tips

  1. Head-to-toe pink

The total look in pink is a great way to look sensational no matter what the occasion. Wear the matching dress in dusty pink with matching shoes and accessories. You can also opt for a solid-coloured tracksuit set or an oversized women’s suit, which is very trendy this season

  1. Like Marie Antoinette

Frills, lace and lots of richly embellished jewelry are the perfect way to look like the French of yesteryear. Feel like royalty and go for bolder outfits that make you stand out from the crowd. Fancy hairstyles are the perfect finishing touch

  1. With pleats

Pleated dresses and skirts are still an option for the Spring-Summer 2021 season. Do you want to look trendy? Combine these two trends, i.e. pink and pleats, and you are sure to make a chic statement. This is a great combination for a spring walk. A long trench and cowboy boots go perfectly together

  1. For informal occasions

Pink is ideal as an element of casual outfits. You can really show off your skills here. Play with fashion and test various solutions. Pink pants, blouses, scarves or even shoes can be a great basis for creating an interesting outfit for work or shopping

  1. With a strong pink accent

The color pink loves to stand out and is therefore an excellent choice as a strong accent to contrast with the rest of your outfit. Go for a fuchsia tuba skirt or a burgundy oversized jacket with fringe.

  1. Sporty look

This season’s trend is to combine sporty clothes and shoes with less obvious outfits. This is a great opportunity to sneak some pink into your outfit, e.g. by combining slippery tracksuit with shirt or blouse with airy dress

  1. Paired with beige

A safe combination, which always looks stylish and elegant, is pink with beige. This combination suits both festive outfits and simple casual outfits. Be sure to test it on yourself

See also how pink is worn by it-girls:


Main photo: Edward Berthelot/ Getty Images Entertainment/ Getty Images

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