Jacket and bra. How to wear this fashionable duo without looking vulgar?
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Jacket and bra. How to wear this fashionable duo without looking vulgar?

Opt for a trendy combination that will make all eyes turn to you! How to wear a blazer and bra to look fashionable and not vulgar? Check out our stylists’ tips!

Lingerie for everyday wear

There is nothing like sensual lingerie – we think everyone can agree on that. Nothing gives us more confidence than lacy panties or bra, which make us feel sexy and feminine. However, it is generally accepted that underwear should be covered – is it really so? Many stylists think that a blazer and a visible bra is a great combination. You can expose your underwear and look fabulous – really! You know what the best thing about fashion is? The fact that there are no boundaries and all fashion tricks are allowed

Opt for a good quality bra

If you want to combine a blazer with a bra, you should go for quality underwear. There is no question of a mismatched bra – choose models made of good quality, thicker material. You can find such underwear even in popular chain stores. However, it is worth to think carefully about the purchase to avoid any slip-ups. When styling with a jacket, choose models with lace or various decorations. A plain white bra will not work here

Bra and blazer – a delightful combination

Most women have favourite blazers in their closet, which they wear with pants and skirts as well as with dresses. For parties, for work – a blazer is the thing! You probably usually wear a shirt, shirt blouse or your favorite T-shirt under it. What do you think about putting on just… a bra? Yes, yes, this might seem a bit controversial to you at first, but if you’re a fashion lover, you probably know that this combination is worn by celebrities! Hailey Bieber loves this look and so does Jennifer Lopez. What about our Polish backyard? Anja Rubik loves such combinations. Katarzyna Warnke also likes it

A bra under a blazer at a party

Are you going to a party? This is the perfect opportunity to wear a bra and a jacket. Your unique look is sure to impress. In this case, for example, you can bet on a bra with sequin elements and a black blazer. Wow, this is sure to look ravishing! Of course, there are many options – you are only limited by your imagination. A lacy bra and a simple plain jacket? That sounds great too

A great combination for everyday wear!

Are you a daring fashionista who likes to look original every day? Great. We have plenty of suggestions for you! A plain bandage bra paired with a blazer, jeans and stiletto heels sounds like the perfect look for a lunch with friends. Swap your stilettos for sneakers if you want to go for a more low-key look. A bra and blazer for everyday wear – less and less people are surprised by this and more and more see this as the perfect combination, very much in fashion! This is how celebrities wear it and you can too!

How to Show Off Your Bra?

By the way, it is worth noting that ditching the blouse is not the only way to expose your underwear. For example, you can opt for a combination of underwear and see-through blouse, dress or tunic – this will also look great and is deep in the trend. We love this combination! Lingerie has an amazing power in styling

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