What manicure should you bet on this spring? We present the hottest solutions
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What manicure should you bet on this spring? We present the hottest solutions

Nail design is undoubtedly an important part of our image. Hands attract the attention of the interviewer, so it is good that they were always well-groomed. Check out what trends will reign in the spring and what kind of manicure is worth opting for

A perfectly executed manicure is a great way to always look elegant and chic. Spring trends 2021 will inspire both fans of classics and daring solutions. What colors, shapes of tiles and decorations will be fashionable in the coming spring season? Many colors and patterns will be in fashion, but there will also be room for minimalist manicures.

What colors will be fashionable in nail design in spring 2021?

The choice is very wide, because many shades and colors will be part of the trends of the coming season. Among the notable colors for spring will definitely be various shades of pink. Powder or candy pink will look stylish on your nails, as well as amaranth or fuchsia

Women, who love classic colors, will love nude shades, which go with absolutely everything. A more daring idea, which will also find many followers, is to paint nails in black or anthracite. Invariably, with the first gusts of spring come back to fashion pastels, especially blue, yellow and purple.

Manicures in fashion in spring 2021

  1. Manicures inspired by meadows

An interesting trend will be nails in which the inspiration is a flowery, spring meadow. These are nails painted in lilac and yellow with floral decorations. Many beauty salons offer decorations painted on the nail plate – this is the perfect time to ask for beautiful field flowers.

This type of manicure fits perfectly with spring and summer dresses. It is good to know that also in fashion, flowers on clothes will be very trendy.

  1. Animalier patterns

Thinking about a more daring and bold manicure for spring? Nails with animal motifs are definitely a favorite. In the coming season we will admire manicures with leopard print, snake skin, zebra stripes or leopard spots.

This is a great type of nail art, especially for parties and meetings with friends. They perfectly complete every outfit

  1. Baby Boomer Nails

If you are a fan of classic but elegant types of nail art, you will definitely like Baby Boomer Nails. It is a version of classic French manicure in a more modern version. The white finish of the nail seamlessly transitions to a milky color, and then to a light shade of pink

This is a very universal solution, which is perfect for work. Many women decide on Baby Boomer Nails as a wedding manicure, adding subtle embellishments on the nails such as tiny zircons

  1. Manicures with matte finish

A great way for an interesting, yet versatile manicure is to use matte polishes. In the coming season, next to traditional shiny nails, the trend will be those with matte finish. Dark, eye-catching colors such as red, burgundy, navy blue, brown or black, as well as classic nude will look great

Combined with gold or silver jewelry your hand may look really elegant and sophisticated. This is an excellent type of styling for important parties or weddings. In combination with a chic dress and stiletto heels the whole look will be phenomenal

  1. Manicure with crystals

Among the numerous decorations, which can be glued on the nail plate, those with small, shiny crystals attract special attention. On painted nails we stick small elements, which look like jewelry.

This type of decoration can be glued on each nail or decorate only two fingers out of five. This will keep the right proportions and the crystals will look beautiful on the hands.


Main Photo: Georgie Hunter/ Getty Images Entertainment/ Getty Images

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