Do you want to lighten your hair? See if you know these facts
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Do you want to lighten your hair? See if you know these facts

Blonde is a rather demanding hair color. It is widely believed that blonde hair colouring takes years away from your appearance and keeps you looking fresh and glowing. There is certainly something to it! Would you like to lighten your hair? Here are some facts!

Bleaching Hair: It’s Important to Prepare for it

Are you planning to bleach your hair? It is not that simple. Blonde hair looks beautiful but the road to color bleaching is usually quite bumpy! Especially when you are going from a much darker color. Experts agree on one thing. It is best to get your hair coloured by a professional hairdresser. Doing it yourself can be very damaging to your hair. There are also a few things to consider before you plan on bleaching your hair. Yes, that’s right – it pays to plan ahead here and not leave too much room for spontaneity. There are a few things you need to know before deciding on a treatment

Check your calendar!

You can’t bleach your hair in twenty minutes. It’s a multi-hour procedure, so plan your appointment well and set aside a few hours for it. Also, it’s best to take a vacation for the next day. Why? You’ll need some time to get used to your reflection in the mirror! Give yourself a moment to get used to your new haircut – even if it was your dream makeover. The transition from dark to blonde hair is quite a revolution. Don’t forget about it and get ready. An indefinite leave of absence may be an option

Blonde hair comes in many shades

If your wish for your hairdresser is just a nice blonde, you may be a little surprised. Shades of this color are plentiful. You should take the time to do some research before your visit and ideally, you should also take screenshots of your desired blonde shade. This will make the work of the specialist much easier. Take into account that there is always a risk of disappointment. Not everything with blonde hair always goes the way you expect it to. Especially the first time! If you are unsure of the exact color you want to achieve, it’s worth putting some thought into choosing the hairdresser where you will lighten your hair. You may pay a little more for a good specialist, but you also get expert advice on the color of your hair.

Patience is essential

It is rare to get the desired result straight away, especially if your hair is currently dark. Bleaching hair requires patience and often just a few treatments. In fact, a gradual lightening is a better option than a radical color change. The result is sure to please you!

It can cost money!

Let’s be honest, bleaching done by a professional won’t be cheap. It’s definitely one of the most expensive hair treatments and if you want a beautiful blonde haircut, you have to be prepared for that. The decision to bleach your hair is not a sudden one, so you can start saving money early. How much does it cost? It depends on the hairdresser, but the prices of bleaching vary between 300 and 500 zł. Is it a lot? Without a doubt. But..

… you won’t regret it!

Most women, once they have decided to go blonde, don’t want to change their hair color. Well, blonde definitely has that something! If you want to feel fresh, sexy and young, blonde seems like the perfect choice for you. Despite the sacrifices you have to make, the money you have to put aside and the patience you have to look after your hair, the chances of you regretting bleaching your hair are very slim indeed. Join the ranks of sexy blondes as soon as possible and enjoy your new look!


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