How to make beach waves?
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How to make beach waves?

Beach waves or the ‘a la surfer girl’ look are the perfect complement to your holiday look. Step by step, we show you how to style beach waves with nonchalant waves

1. Loose Night Braid

There are many ways to look like you just got out of the sea with undone, tousled hair waving in the wind. One of the simplest methods, which does not require a hair dryer, curling iron or any other styling aid, is the loose braid. Simply braid your damp hair before going to bed and wake up to waves. Apply some hair gel or hairspray to your hair strands to make the braid last longer

2. Mini Chignons

As an alternative to braiding you may like to try mini pigtails. Simply wash your head before you go to bed in the evening, blow-dry your hair and divide the still damp hair into even sections. Keep in mind that the thinner the strands, the bigger the twist. What next? In the morning, carefully roll up the mini chignons. Use hairspray or sea salt spray to hold the hairstyle in place

3. Curling iron in hand!

First gently brush your wet hair with a ceramic brush and then blow-dry it up to 75 % using a hair dryer with diffuser attachment. The next step is to pull the strands upward with a couple of brushes and a blow dryer (it’s a good idea to leave the brush curled up in the section for a while to act as a hot roller). Repeat this process on the entire head, separating the dried strands with a hair clip. Once you have removed the brushes you can comb through your hair with your hands – then use smaller brushes on the top section of hair on your head in the same way to create waves. Finally, apply a styling mousse to get the desired texture and you’re done.

4. Classic Papillote Hairstyles

For wavy hair that is slightly twisted in the wind you can use our mothers’ and grandmothers’ well-known sponge pads (they have to be thick). First carefully comb through each strand of hair and roll it onto the guillotine, starting at the top. Wrap your hair around it in spirals for slight waves rather than perfect curls. Tighten the edges and secure with a bobby pin so it doesn’t loosen up overnight. In the morning, take out the hair cover, carefully comb through your wavy hair with your fingers and apply hairspray.

5. Mesh

Less popular, but just as effective as the previous is the method of hairdresser’s net, which you can buy at most drugstores. How does it work? Simply wet your hair and apply a special texturizing spray to the entire length. The next step is to gently knead your hair with your fingers to give it a fairly loose texture. Then we need to apply a hair net and blow-dry the hair with a hair dryer while vigorously kneading the hair. Finally, we pull the mesh off.


Main photo: Rosdiana Ciaravolo/ Getty Images Entertainment/ Getty Images

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