4 types of makeup to enhance your holiday look
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4 types of makeup to enhance your holiday look

During this special holiday time, each of us dreams about presenting ourselves at our best. With help comes makeup, which can emphasize the look of a woman and give her confidence. In our article we suggest what to take care of in the Christmas makeup to look great

Accent on red lips

Intense red lips are the makeup element that always brings to mind the holidays. Moreover, they accentuate your facial features, create the effect of whiter teeth and make you look sexy. And which of us doesn’t have a red lipstick in her makeup bag? Makeup with a red lip accent is very easy to do. You can skip the eye make-up altogether or just apply some more mascara on the lashes. Then use bronzer, blush and highlighter to contour your face and emphasize your facial features. When choosing red lipstick, make sure to choose a solid color. Why? Because while you’re making holiday wishes and eating your food, a gloss or lipstick with a different finish may smudge

Shine on the eye

Do you feel better with matte shadows on your eye or with shimmery ones? If it’s the latter, go for a shimmery eye shadow this Christmas. The market is full of shimmering shadows in different shades, glitters and pigments. This is the kind of make-up that accentuates your eye color and adds extravagance and character. You can do it the more complicated way by combining several types of shadows with different finishes or very easily by using just one of them. The big advantage of shimmery cosmetics is that you don’t need any tools to apply them, because they are easy to apply with your fingers. What is more, they usually look better when applied this way

Highly luminous complexion

This is an element of makeup that works always and in every situation, especially on holidays. Because who doesn’t want her complexion to look healthy and glowing? To achieve this effect, opt for a foundation with a satin or illuminating finish. Use a powder that has particles in it and a highlighter on your temples, chin and nose. Also remember to take care of your skincare the day before – scrub, mask and moisturizer. Makeup will only look good on a well-groomed complexion

Accentuated Eyelashes

Feminine, expressive and sexy – these words describe perfect eyelashes. They can save many make-up looks, and they add expression and character to each one. This Christmas, make sure your lashes look perfect. Mascara them with a few coats of mascara, or stick on clumps or strips of artificial ones. The latter option will be more convenient, as you won’t spend a lot of time painting your lashes, and the effect will be more noticeable. Make sure your mascara is strong enough to hold your lashes, otherwise you’ll be constantly worrying about the strips or clumps coming off.

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