6 Hairstyles to Wear at a Wedding that You Can Easily Do at Home
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6 Hairstyles to Wear at a Wedding that You Can Easily Do at Home

Straight, wavy, curly, clipped or maybe braided? You don’t have to go to a professional hair salon to have a beautiful haircut at your wedding

On Fridays and Saturdays, the days of the week when weddings take place, it is often difficult to find a free hairdresser’s appointment. It’s a problem for brides who are late to the party, not to mention wedding guests. In addition, many of us don’t have the time or money and have to – or simply want to – do our own hair at home. It turns out that it is not as difficult as it may seem.

Hair styles for weddings are easy to create and do not require special styling skills or fancy accessories. However, your hairstyle complements your outfit beautifully and therefore, deserves some attention.

Strands of Hair that Are Smooth

Sometimes, the simplest solutions are the best ones. Sleek, straight hair can look quite elegant and nonchalant, especially if your outfit includes many accessories or if it has a rich hair color. A fancy hairstyle could overwhelm the whole look so it is advisable to keep the balance.

Also, curly-haired brides will make a big impression if they attend the ceremony with their hair completely straight. You may also like to add a decorative hairpin, of which there are many in the stores.

Half up, half down

We don’t always like to tie our hair up, but we also fear that the completely undone strands might get in the way while dancing and having fun. In this case, the half-up solution is to gather the strands near your face and leave the rest of your hair loose. Here you can also secure them with a hair slide, but it’s best to make braids out of them and then tie with an invisible rubber band (silicone or standard, but covered with a strand of hair)

You may leave the hair as it is or style it into soft waves. This gives the hair style even more girlish charm.

One Side

A very simple yet glamorous hairstyle is to flip all of your hair to one side, as often seen on the red carpet. If you like, you may decide to make a slight side ponytail. However, it is easier to twist the hair slightly and simply fix it with a comb or a bobby pin.

Waves in Many Ways

Almost every bridal hairstyle goes beautifully with wavy hair. You may leave your hair down, toss it to one side or style it into an updo. Waves are the basis for many different braids and buns. The most fashionable of all are the loose, unkempt ones, where protruding strands of hair are no problem.

Waves work best not on freshly shampooed hair but on hair that is two or three days old. You may use a curling iron, flat iron, one or several braids (depending on whether your hair is thick or not), a bun, or even a bathrobe belt and wind your hair around it.

If you don’t want to spend a lot of time curling your hair on the day of the wedding, you can gather your hair in a high ponytail and divide it into several strands. Then loosen the curling iron, run your fingers through your hair and fix the twist with hairspray.

Ponytails for a Wedding? Yes!

Many of us associate the ponytail with everyday hairstyles that are comfortable but not glamorous. But don’t be mistaken. Ponytails can look great at weddings. All you need to do is follow a few simple tricks. Start by curling your hair slightly to create more volume. Then gather your hair up high and tie it tightly with an elastic band to keep it in place. Cover the rubber band with a strand of hair and let a few strands fall into your face. Apply hairspray for hold.

The Chignon in a Nutshell

Medium-length hair can be turned into a loose chignon by wrapping a few strands (preferably already wavy) around your finger and securing them with hair pins. On the other hand, if you have long hair, it is advisable to first braid it into a loose braid, which you then roll slightly, form a chignon and secure with bobby pins


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