5 tricks to prolong the life of your make-up
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5 tricks to prolong the life of your make-up

In the summer it is very difficult to keep your makeup in good condition. So it’s worth finding out how to change it! Hot weather is not conducive to even light make-up. However, not only during this period you can see make-up that remains on the skin for a maximum of 2-3 hours. How to change this? Here’s what to do to extend the life of your makeup and enjoy beautiful skin without any blemish for hours!

Make-up without limit

Who does not dream of impeccable makeup, which, on top of that, will last all day at work, and even an evening date or going to the club with friends? It’s worth applying a few simple tricks that will help you achieve such an effect. Thanks to them, make-up will not rub off from the face, you will not have to correct it, and on top of that you can forget about shining!

1. Don’t forget about skin care!

The absolute basis for impeccable makeup is properly moisturized and resilient skin. Skin that is free of dry patches or areas of excessive sebum makes makeup stick to it better. The basis is exfoliation 1-2 times a week, as well as proper moisturization, which will ensure that your skin gets the right amount of water. In addition, such smooth skin, even with minor blemishes, allows you to apply makeup with precision and definitely easier.

2. Match the base

Under your makeup, you should also find a moisturizer with a light formula, preferably enriched with SPF. However, this is not enough to make the makeup last for hours. The secret is a properly selected base. It will make the finish of the make-up velvety and pleasant to look at, and the elements that previously shone unsightly will remain matte. On top of that, the make-up sticks to it better. It is then enough to apply a transparent powder over the whole thing and the make-up is ready!

3. Products with special effects

If you want long-lasting, beautiful makeup, bet on products that are not too heavy, especially in summer. They will cover your skin beautifully, make it look extremely natural and also smooth. You can fix them with rice or bamboo powder, which absorbs sebum. For this, blotting papers are great, which you can apply to areas that glow excessively, such as the T-zone, and get rid of unwanted shine in seconds. Also remember to avoid products with silicone, which heavily clog the skin, then makeup lasts shorter.

4 With what to apply cosmetics?

Also, the way you apply cosmetics is of great importance. So how do you apply foundation and concealer to significantly extend the freshness of makeup? A damp, squeezed sponge works best to press the foundation or BB cream deep into the skin. Wet makeup looks great and lasts all day. However, avoid patting it in with your fingers, where sebum and various impurities can be found. In addition, try not to touch your face during the day.

5. Permanent makeup – yes please!

Permanent makeup of the eyes, lips and eyebrows is increasingly common. This ensures that the make-up does not rub off even after a visit to the pool. Of course, remember to have it done by a reputable and qualified beautician. The effect of beautiful make-up lasts up to 5 years! You can add to it only waterproof mascara and shadows and a light foundation and the make-up is ready!

main photo: unsplash.com/NoWah Bartscher

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