Autumn manicure trends you can’t miss
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Autumn manicure trends you can’t miss

With the arrival of autumn comes new trends in the beauty industry. For people who like to have well-groomed nails and hands, it is the perfect time to look at stylistic novelties in manicure

Original designs, bold colors and various decorations allow you to create small works of art on your nails. People who work in beauty salons say that the right manicure can be a great way to express yourself. This autumn we have a whole range of possibilities to make our nails look unique, but also classy

It’s the perfect time to experiment and look for solutions perfectly suited to our needs. Discover the top 10 most fashionable manicures for fall!

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9 manicure trends you need to test this fall 2021

1. Inspiration from the 90s

Nails are going to have a sweet time, with decorative flowers, stars and hearts on the agenda. Once again, we will see the return of long tips. It will be stylish to keep this manicure in pastel colors. It is worth looking for ideas for fashionable nails in clips or movies from the 90s

2. Abstract patterns

Stylish manicure can be achieved by taking inspiration from the art of famous painters. Celebrities are especially fond of artists who created in the abstract trend. This is a brilliant idea for unique looking nails

3. Orange polish in different scenes

Autumn does not have to mean that our nails will be bored. A great way to complete the styling is to bet on a bright orange color. It works well on tips, as well as in French manicure.

4. Dark and deep shades

Fans of slightly darker moods will definitely like the dark nail trend. Opt for classic black, navy blue or dark chocolate nail polish. Stylizations, which instead of glitter serve us elegant matte, will be a hit

5. Metallic nails

Anyone who follows fashion trends knows that this season it is worth betting on shiny clothes. The fashion world often blends with the beauty industry, so metallic polishes will be present on the nails of modern women

6. Natural nails are always in fashion

Minimalism and simplicity are elements that have permanently established themselves in the canon of care and beauty. This also applies to taking care of your nails, so when you don’t feel like a flashy manicure, choose a conditioner that will strengthen your plate.

7. Timeless red

We go back to the roots and basics of a stylish manicure, when most women chose polish in the color of blood red. This method will work in absolutely all circumstances, so sometimes it’s worth opting for classic solutions

8. Holo effect

Holographic nails are another manicure, which will follow the trend for shiny elements of styling. The holo effect brings to mind a disco ball and sparkles beautifully in the sun.

9. Unusual shapes

Besides the standard almond or square shapes there are plenty of other shapes to test on yourself. Pointy, oval or with a shape called a ballerina? Autumn is the perfect time for manicure experiments.

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